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Raw Video: Obama Distributes Thanksgiving Treats

President Barack Obama and his family tucked turkeys, stuffing and other goodies into people’s bags at Martha’s Table in downtown Washington on Wednesday evening and wished them a happy holiday.

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With Pardon, Obama delivers turkeys from its fate as food

A big bird from the East is heading west, thanks to a second chance at life given by President Obama in the nation’s capital Wednesday, a day before Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.

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A Great Burden Grows

A year after the global economy teetered on the verge of collapse, a recession — a lingering and unwelcome guest — has settled in at dinner tables across the land.

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Five Leaders Honored for Perseverance in Downturn

Demand for food nearly tripled this year at Martha’s Table, which provides meals, clothing and a variety of support services to low-income families in Washington, even as funding cuts forced the nonprofit organization to slash its budget.

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