Volunteers in our food, education, and community support programs are helping build a brighter future in Washington, D.C. Check out our calendar of volunteer opportunities to find a way for you to stand with children, families, and neighbors.

Please read our Volunteer Waiver and Volunteer Code before volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Joyful Food Markets and Martha’s Markets

Help children and families shop at no cost for fresh produce and healthy pantry staples at one of our 53 pop-up markets located in elementary schools and community centers.

Food Access Programs

Prepare meals, ride with McKenna’s Wagon, help neighbors shop for no-cost groceries at our Lobby Market, and more.

Martha’s Outfitters

Merchandise clothing donations and assist neighbors shopping at our community boutique store.

Education Programs

Assist teachers and students in our education programs.

Meet our Volunteer Team!

Questions? Please consult our Volunteer FAQ below or email volunteer@marthastable.org




Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer at Martha’s Table is 12 years old. Volunteers between the ages of 12-14 must bring one adult chaperone for every three volunteers. Some opportunities require volunteers to be at least 15 years of age. Please call for more information 202-750-8454.

How can I get young children involved?

Martha’s Table is always in need of homemade trail mix and muffin donations. These homemade items are distributed on McKenna’s Wagon. Young children are encouraged to work with their parents or caregivers to prepare these items and drop them off for donation. Please visit our Donate page for more information and guidelines.

Which volunteer opportunities are best for groups?

Joyful Food Markets (5-7 people), food preparation (12 people), McKenna’s Wagon (4-8 people), and Outfitters NW merchandising (10-12 people) are great for groups! Please consult our volunteer calendar to find an eligible shift or call the Volunteer Office for more information (202-750-8454).

Can I walk in and participate in a volunteer opportunity?

All volunteers must sign up for an opportunity prior to their arrival at Martha’s Table.

Do you offer volunteer opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities?

Martha’s Table believes that all individuals have the ability to make a significant impact in our community. At certain times during the year, Martha’s Table provides opportunities to engage individuals who require special accommodations. Please contact volunteer@marthastable.org.

Do you offer shifts for pre-court and court-mandated volunteering?

Individuals seeking pre-court or court-mandated volunteering must email the Volunteer Team to set up an interview (volunteer@marthastable.org). We do not provide court-mandated volunteer hours for work not done on site. We are unable to accommodate any charges regarding violence, weapons, or theft.

Can Martha’s Table sign off on Community Service hours for schools, church etc.?

Yes, please see the volunteer coordinator on site. Please email volunteer@marthastable.org with any questions!