Family Engagement Programs

We are committed to ensuring parents and caregivers are both supported and supportive. Our Family Engagement program helps strengthen the home-school relationship for our students and connects caregivers to critical resources.

  • Parent and Family Initiatives
    Our family engagement efforts include:
    • Our flexible Family Visiting program helps strengthen parent and child interactions, ensuring children are ready for school and parents are achieving their personal and parenting goals.
    • The Parenting Journey, a course that allows caregivers to reflect on how they were parented as children, and supports them to make intentional parenting decisions to ensure strong outcomes for their children.
    • A partnership with Healthy Futures, which offers resources and trainings on social-emotional development.

    Our program also offers education to caregivers, connecting them to a range of vital resources related to parenting, financial literacy, and adult education.

  • Martha's Outfitters

    Martha’s Outfitters is an innovative community store focused on supporting families with young children in the crucial early years of a child’s life. Outfitters patrons shop at no cost through a monthly credit program. To be eligible for the program, patrons must show that they support a young child (infant – 8 years old).

    Offerings available to our patrons range from diapers and baby bottles for infants to business attire for parents and caregivers. As a community store, Martha’s Outfitters relies on the contributions of donors and volunteers to make sure shoppers have access to the clothing needed to build strong families. Whether you are visiting the area, donating or shopping, we welcome you to stop by and see us!


    Visit our donate page to view the list of items we accept and donation instructions and hours.


    Visit our volunteer page to find a merchandiser shift that works for you.

Family EngagementTeam

Felicia Jones

Senior Director, Parent and Family Initiatives
Felicia joins Martha’s Table as the Director of Healthy Start and is responsible for the annual outcomes for the early…

Laura Grossman

Manager, Martha's Table Outfitters