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National Museum of the American Indian announces Thanksgiving Partnership with Martha’s Table

Chef Freddie of Mitsitam Cafe announces the Thanksgiving Dinner-to-go meals will benefit Martha’s Table. For every 25 orders, the National Museum of the American Indian will donate a meal to a Martha’s Table family!

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Sesame Street Makes Pit Stop at Martha’s Table, Joined by DC Mayor

Count von Count and Big Bird are celebrating Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary with a nationwide road trip, teaching kids about healthy lifestyle choices.

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Furloughed Worker Spends Time Volunteering

Furloughed since Dec. 21, longtime federal worker keeps busy at Martha’s Table to help others.

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#OffScriptOn9: Winners and losers in Trump’s budget

The White House is out with it’s $4.1 trillion spending plan. The proposal seeks to balance the budget in 10 years and has almost $3.6 trillion in cuts to programs including Medicaid, food stamps and social security benefits.

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