• Is Martha’s Table a soup kitchen?

    Martha’s Table is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting strong children, strong families, and strong communities by increasing access to quality education, health and wellness, and family resources. While we are not a soup kitchen, we aim to increase access to healthy food through our no-cost healthy food markets, monthly Community Markets, network of Joyful Food Markets, and McKenna’s Wagon. For more information, please visit our Health and Wellness Programs page.

  • Who is Martha?

    While we are not a religiously-based organization, our founders Veronica Maz, a social worker, and Father Horace McKenna, a Jesuit priest, chose the name “Martha’s Table” in honor of an admirable individual in the Bible: Martha! When Jesus and his disciples were on their way to Jerusalem, they stopped in a village, where a woman named Martha and her sister, Mary, opened their home to them. While Mary sat with the apostles and listened to their teachings, Martha was consumed by preparations in the kitchen for her honored guests. Martha represents the values with which we treat all people – hospitality, dignity, and respect.

  • What programs does Martha’s Table offer?

    Martha’s Table offers a wide array of supports for District neighbors. Please visit our programs page for more details.

  • How and where can I donate to Martha’s Table?

    Thank you for considering a donation to Martha’s Table! Please visit our donate page for more information on the different ways you can donate to us.

  • What is Martha’s Table’s United Way and CFC number?

    UW #8445
    CFC #29262

  • How do I start volunteering at Martha’s Table?

    Please visit our volunteer page, make an account on our Volunteer Hub and sign up for a shift!

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