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10 Things Parents Can Do to Teach their Kids about Hunger (Hint: don’t talk about hunger)

The end of summer means saying good bye to lazy, carefree days, late sleepovers, and pool parties and replacing them instead with school supply shopping, homework planning, and a return to the monotony of “normal” life. Yet for at least 30 million American families who struggle just to feed their kids, the end of summer and start of school means something more. It means the end of “summer hunger” and the re-start of free breakfast and lunch every day.

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If You Can Teach Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth, You Can Teach Them to Eat Vegetables

If you have children, you’ve likely read an article or two (or 300) on how to feed your kids. From “solving” picky eating, to “sneaking” vegetables, to 100 ways to cook pasta, it seems every parent is looking for ways to improve their children’s diet.

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13 Photos of Obama Making Sandwiches at Martha’s Table

As the government shutdown entered its 14th day, President Barack Obama spent some time away from the front lines of the budget battles on Monday to visit Martha’s Table, a D.C. nonprofit that helps low-income and homeless families. Many of those volunteering there are furloughed federal workers. The president donned an apron and helped with making the sandwiches, getting his hands dirty.

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Non-Profits Could Lose More than Money if Fannie and Freddie Giving Ends

The study released Monday by a coalition representing the nonprofit, philanthropic, government and business sectors in D.C. examining a decrease of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s philanthropy is creating a call to action for local corporations to become leaders in their communities — and to use Fannie and Freddie as models of how it can be done well. Melanie Alnwick from Fox 5 asked me recently who should step up to fill this void.

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Back to School in our Nation’s Capital

Back to School. A time of excitement, anxiety and… failure?

Statistics predict that only 20 percent of D.C. Public School (DCPS) graduates starting college this fall will finish on time. Most will not graduate at all.

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