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At Martha’s Table, Cooking for a Cause

You think the Energizer Bunny has unflagging energy? He’s a lazy snail compared with Demetrios Recachinas. In fact, next to the hyperkinetic food program manager at Martha’s Table, just about everyone else seems to be moving in slo-mo.

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Sunday Night Suppers, A Great Success…With a Visit to the White House

A terrific event, fabulous dishes, and an unsurpassable wine list. This is what the remarkable team of outstanding celebrity chefs and the Italian wine expert Filippo Bartolotta offered to the many Vip guests at the fundraising events put on by Alice Waters, Jose Andres and Joan Nathan in Washington on Sunday, January 24th.

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Sunday Night Suppers Raise Awareness, Funds for Local Groups

I have to admit, I got a wee bit giddy when I got to shake hands and chat with Alice Waters this morning at Potenza. For a food writer (not to mention the daughter of organic food-loving hippie parents), it was a treat to meet the local food pioneer.

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Chefs’ Sunday Night Suppers: Job done

Chestnut agnolotti, roast chicken with truffles tucked under the skin, Italian wine and lots of foie gras: What else would one expect from a star-studded, sustainable food fundraiser put on by Chez Panisse chef-restaurateur Alice Waters and Washington’s Jose Andres and Joan Nathan?

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More Good Causes: Celebrity Chefs Cook Your Sunday Supper for Charity

The rest of the non-profits around the metro area — you know, the ones that don’t have their hand in Haitian earthquake relief — must feel like the location scout for Avatar. Really damn underappreciated.

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Alice Waters Hosts Sunday Night Suppers to Raise Money for D.C. Central Kitchen and Martha’s Table

Here’s a terrific opportunity to eat magically delicious local, organic food, prepared by some of the world’s greatest chefs in support of a great cause. If only I had $500 and lived in Washington D.C.! But maybe you do?

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