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Coronavirus And The Underserved: We Are Not All In This Together

Organizations like Martha’s Table have been able to help address food scarcity during the pandemic.

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Martha’s Table mentioned in Forbes.

Mike Masserman, Head of Global Policy and Social Impact at Lyft

“Twenty three and a half million Americans are living in food deserts. In places like D.C., in Ward Seven and Eight, they’re also living in transportation deserts. So, we partner with Martha’s Table in DC to provide reduced rides for people to get to the grocery store,” Masserman says. “We’re now launching that program all across the country.”

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Ex-Microsoft Exec Living the Boomer Fantasy: Meaningful Work

Patty Stonesifer sits cross-legged on the floor of a preschool classroom, her hands dripping with purple watercolor paint as she makes small block prints with the help of a 4-year-old who expounds on the proper technique to dip and print.

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