“It is free to be nice and free to help, so why not build that community?”

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“It is free to be nice and free to help, so why not build that community?”

 Volunteer Spotlight 

Meet Jaelyn Scott

Growing up in Inglewood, CA, volunteering has always been an integral part of Jaelyn’s life. Upon moving to Washington DC to pursue her college education at Howard University, she sought to continue her commitment to community service and began volunteering at Martha’s Table. Jaelyn assumes various roles at Martha’s Table, assisting at the Commons by distributing food to neighbors and at Martha’s Outfitters by sorting and providing clothes to those in need.

Her involvement at Martha’s Table not only fulfills her passion for giving back but also complements her academic endeavors. Studying Public Relations and Community Development, Jaelyn leverages her volunteer work to enhance her community development skills, which she aims to apply throughout her professional journey.

Jaelyn firmly believes in the profound impact of small acts of kindness. “I strongly believe that aiding one person contributes to the betterment of the world. You never know the ripple effect of that one act. By consistently engaging in such acts, you can magnify your impact, and I’m doing just that through my involvement with Martha’s Table.”

If you would like to volunteer at Martha’s Table, sign up at marthastable.org

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