“Giving back is my why, Martha’s Table is my how”

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“Giving back is my why, Martha’s Table is my how”

 Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Tangi Allen

Volunteer, Apple Captain

Tangi Allen started her volunteer journey at Martha’s Table in 2020, answering the call to aid during the Covid crisis. Since then, she has engaged in various roles, leaving an incredible mark through her dedication. Among her most profound experiences was her involvement with Martha’s Table McKenna’s Wagon program, a mobile van that delivers food to DC neighbors facing food insecurities and homelessness.

“That was the first time I saw hunger, and once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It drives your passion to serve more because there are people among us who are out in the cold, and they look forward to seeing you and they get to know your name, and you know that you are arriving to provide service. It gave me a perspective that these individuals are living out in these elements and there’s nothing that they can necessarily do about it to resolve it really quickly due to mental illness or not having access to homeless shelters. Seeing that was just humbling and it just feeds the passion to do more.”

In recognition of her tireless contributions, Tangi was appointed an Apple Captain, a role symbolizing leadership, diligence, and community spirit. Reflecting on this honor Tangi expresses, “It is the best title I have ever had.” Tangi encourages others to volunteer at Martha’s Table. “I’ve been here for years.  I’m not going anywhere. It is one of my favorite places on earth. You can find a place to serve, be passionate, to sweat because sometimes we lift 50-pound bags of onions. You’re going to grind, but you not doing it by yourself. It is such a positive and wonderful environment I just can’t say enough positive things about Martha Table.”

If you would like to volunteer at Martha’s Table, sign up at marthastable.org

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