“It gives me a purpose to be a part of a team that helps others”

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“It gives me a purpose to be a part of a team that helps others”

 Volunteer Spotlight 

Meet Christiane Richardin

Martha’s Outfitters Volunteer Since 2022

When Christiane was searching for a place to volunteer, she was drawn to the fabulous reputation of Martha’s Table in the community. The idea of contributing in a structured environment appealed to her. Upon visiting the headquarters, she was struck by the efficient operations and the harmonious teamwork. Meeting Laura Grossman, the Manager of Martha’s Table Outfitter, sealed the deal for her. She was inspired by Laura’s competence, people skills, and personal qualities and felt that working under her would be a rewarding experience. 

As a volunteer at Martha’s Outfitters, Christiane plays a crucial role in sorting and repurposing the clothes donated by supporters. This process directly benefits the community, and Christiane takes pride in her contribution. Equally important to her is the camaraderie she shares with her team. “Every time I come in, the staff works well together. The atmosphere in the shop is really, really, nice.” 

Christiane firmly believes in the power of community support. “Everyone has different struggles in their lives so if I can be a part of something that is helping make it easier for someone, then that is a good feeling. If there is anything that I can help do, I do it. I feel very fortunate to have landed at Martha’s Table. I hope that people can contribute to Martha’s Table. It is a very special place.”

If you would like to volunteer at Martha’s Table, sign up at marthastable.org

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