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Sewn into the Fabric of Our Community

The Quilt Corner is a collective of people with interest in learning how to quilt and expand the impact of quilting within the community at large through a deeper understanding of the Quilt Codes of the Underground Railroad. With multiple cohorts throughout the year, members meet every Thursday to learn about the patterns & techniques, history, and impact of quilting as the group creates a community quilt together. The Quilt Corner is led by Charlene Hursey and self-taught quilter Dr. Blanche Brownley, who started her quilting journey by watching how-to videos on Facebook and reading quilting books.



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We’re All In: Investing In Family Supports

Martha’s Table is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the support and tools they need to thrive in their roles. Our Family Engagement umbrella of programming provides the critical link for families to thrive together. 

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Building Strong Financial Foundations, One Family at a Time

“[Direct cash assistance] not only helped my family financially but also helped reduce my stress and allowed my family to go back to a mommy and children mode that was rooted in re-connection.” Angel Hawkins, Ward 8 resident and THRIVE recipient 

Guest Author: Hannah Wright Osborn

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We’re in it for the long haul… So families can THRIVE!

“I felt as though Ra’Chelle tried her best to come through with any resources or outlets that she could,” Mr. Morrison remembered. I couldn’t thank her enough.  I feel as though she’s really trying to extend her hand to make sure I get the best  resources and help that I can get.” 

Guest Author: Kelsey Magill

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Martha’s Table STEPs up to Support Team Member’s Passions

“There were moments when I wanted to quit but [the Martha’s Table team] cheered me on and encouraged me to keep going. They would check on me regularly. It shows that you’re working with a company that cares for you. They wouldn’t invest in their staff if they didn’t care. They want us to go further and will provide the resources necessary.” –Erica Cameron, Lead Teacher. 

Guest Author: Delal Salah

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Inspiring Future Educators

I am proud to say that I’m living my passion, and it’s exciting to know that other mothers will have the opportunity to pursue their passion for early childhood education as well through this amazing partnership and grant,” Shernice celebrated.

Guest Author: Kelsey Magill

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