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Introducing the Dietra L. Ford Children’s Savings Account Program

Today, Martha’s Table has announced that its new children’s savings account (CSA) program will be named in honor of Dietra L. Ford, a native Washingtonian who dedicated her life to supporting childhood causes. She is also the late mother of former president and CEO Kim R. Ford.

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Tips for Picky Eaters

Every parent can emphasize the long, uphill battles to expose and encourage their growing kids to new, healthy foods. Meal times require lots of patience and repetition. Sometimes become quite messy. It is important to remember you and your family are not alone in this healthy journey. Read below for tips for families when exploring new foods and how to keep up the encouragement when your kids are rejecting healthy foods.

Guest Author: Camille Range, MPH, RDN

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Passing Down the Art and Tradition of Quilting from our Ancestors

I learned and found my passion for quilting, and I want to empower others to partake in this unique and historical art form.

Guest Author: Ms. Charlene Hursey

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A Mother’s Love Transcends All

Alain had a big heart. He had an affinity, affection, and love to give back to the community and support children’s programs…I am committed to continuing to serve alongside Martha’s Table in whatever capacity is most needed; to carry on Alain’s legacy and commitment to service.

Guest Author: Mrs. Lisa Sullivan-Mays

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Rain Or Shine, Night Or Day, People Need To Eat 

I am so grateful to be a Kitchen Manager in the McKenna’s Wagon program. I have the privilege of helping to ensure that some 200 people don’t go to bed hungry each night. Along the way, I am lucky enough to work alongside some of the best people in our city –the Drivers and Helpers who volunteer for this program.

Guest Author: Mark Seidler

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Giving & Growing Together

You can support Martha’s Table in reaching its Giving Tuesday goal of $50,000 in so many ways!

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