Community Impact Fund Spotlight 6: FAN DC

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Community Impact Fund Spotlight 6: FAN DC

About FAN DC.

The name FAN has deep roots in the foundation of the organization. FAN stands for Fihankra Akoma Ntosaso, meaning safe house, linked hearts. FAN has changed the lives of more than 150 teens in foster care since 2005 by providing an after school and summer time “home base” – a safe and engaging space with supportive staff. For many young people, this is the most consistent home and family that they have known. FAN provides youth impacted by the child welfare system opportunities to nurture their interests and talents, acquire new skills and gain a sense of personal and group recognition in an atmosphere of hope.

The organization plans to use CIF grant funds to double their impact and increase the number of participants who are able to be accepted into their program. To learn more about FAN DC, visit their website here.

About Martha’s Table Community Impact Fund: 
The Martha’s Table Community Impact Fund is a grant program that strengthens and amplifies the work of Ward 8 nonprofit organizations. This direct investment helps build capacity for organizations historically excluded from institutional philanthropy and whose leadership and staff reflect the demographic, composition, and lived experiences of the communities they serve. For the 2023-2024 grant cycle, grants of up to $15,000 in unrestricted funds were awarded to 14 organizations that were selected by a committee of 38 Ward 8 residents. Read more about the Community Impact Fund here.


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