Celebrating 5 Years at the Commons: A Conversation with Ms. C, Neighbor, former Board Member and dedicated parent.

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Celebrating 5 Years at the Commons: A Conversation with Ms. C, Neighbor, former Board Member and dedicated parent.

As Martha’s Table celebrates its fifth anniversary at The Commons location in Southeast DC, we are excited to kick off a special three blog series called, Celebrating 5 Years at the Commons, featuring voices from our community. First up, we have the incredible Ms. C, a dedicated parent, former Board Member, and neighbor who reflected on the impact and growth of Martha’s Table in the community. Let’s dive into her experiences and insights! 


Meet Ms. C

Q: Ms. C, can you share how you first connected with Martha’s Table?


Ms. C: Martha’s Table has been a part of my life since childhood when they were based in Northwest DC. My reconnection happened when they established a presence in Southeast and started engaging with my children at KIPP DC through the Joyful Food Market. It’s been a beautiful rekindling of the relationship over recent years.


Q: How would you describe your experience as a Martha’s Table parent and Board Member?


Ms. C: It’s been incredibly positive. The warmth, welcome, and accommodation to both my needs and those of the community have been consistent. Martha’s Table fosters a nurturing environment, always.


Q: Reflecting on the last five years, what impact has Martha’s Table made at The Commons?


Ms. C: They’ve evolved from laying the foundation to becoming a household name, and it’s thrilling to hear people recognize and appreciate the resources they offer. The way Martha’s Table is embedding itself in the community and making a difference is truly something I celebrate.


Q: What does the five year milestone mean to you as a neighbor?


Ms. C: It signifies successful community engagement and consistent progress. Seeing them become a familiar and trusted name over five years is reassuring, and I look forward to many more years of their impactful presence.


Q: In a word, how would you describe Martha’s Table as a neighbor?


Ms. C: Fantastic! It’s a hive of positive activity, with people accessing groceries and resources at no cost. Martha’s Table has the ability to continually nourish the community, and I’ve been a fan of everything they do.


Q: Can you talk about the significance of Martha’s Table moving to Ward 8?


Ms. C: The move was timely and crucial. With the rising cost of living, especially post-COVID, the community needed the support Martha’s Table provides. They’ve proven to be an invaluable asset, meeting needs people didn’t even realize they had at the time.


Q: Do any memorable moments stand out in your five years living near Martha’s Table?


Ms. C: Absolutely, the Moechella moment! Hosting this enormous block party celebrating DC’s music culture brought back nostalgic memories of festivals from decades ago. It was a community-centric, joyful event, and a true highlight.


Q: What excites you about the future of Martha’s Table?


Ms. C: The continued community engagement and the increasing number of people benefitting from their services is exciting. Seeing my neighbors volunteer and support each other shows the unity Martha’s Table is fostering. As long as they maintain this positive and safe environment, I will always be supportive and excited.


Ms. C’s experiences and observations highlight the vital role Martha’s Table has played in fostering community, connection, and support at The Commons in Southeast DC. As we celebrate this five-year milestone, we look forward to witnessing more fantastic moments and ongoing impact in the years to come.


Stay tuned for two more stories and reflections as we continue to celebrate this milestone and the vibrant community at Martha’s Table at The Commons. Feeling inspired? Share this story! 

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