National Volunteer Week – Thank You Volunteers

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National Volunteer Week – Thank You Volunteers

Our volunteer program is the backbone of Martha’s Table. In the early years, almost 30 years ago, Martha’s Table was run entirely by volunteers. Now, they are still a very large part of what we do here at Martha’s Table everyday, and are essential to allowing our programs to run smoothly.

Our Food program provides 1200 meals daily on McKenna’s Wagon. This is possible through dedicated schools, churches, businesses and community members that come to Martha’s Table every morning at 10am. The volunteers help prepare peanut butter and jelly and meat and cheese sandwiches, and they chop vegetables for the soup, all to go out on McKenna’s Wagon. In the evening, a new set of volunteers gear up to go out on McKenna’s Wagon’s vans, and serve over 1200 meals, 65 gallons of soup and hot tea. In 2008, volunteers helped prepare and serve over 500,000 sandwiches for McKenna’s Wagon!

Martha’s Outfitters, our community thrift store and clothing distribution center relies heavily on committed volunteers. They help take in donations and sort clothing for the store. Every Wednesday and Friday, volunteers help referrals from partner shelters and organizations find things that they need for free. They often go the extra mile – recently a volunteer created a data system to check in referrals more efficiently and track relationships with partner organizations more effectively.

Our Child Development Center is a great place for volunteers to come and spend quality time with our kids ranging in age from 4 months to 4 years old. Volunteers often enjoy reading to the kids, helping them with arts & crafts, going on field trips, helping the teachers feed them lunch, etc.

Volunteering for Martha’s Table is not just about service and helping those in need, it is also about education. Martha’s Table takes pride in educating our volunteers about poverty, hunger, homelessness and education. These are issues that Martha’s Table faces everyday. Our volunteers understand what Martha’s Table does and the difference their service makes. Martha’s Table volunteers become our greatest advocates and help us build a stronger community. Over 10,000 volunteers served their community through Martha’s Table in 2008!

Thank you, volunteers, for helping us make Washington, DC a better place for at-risk children, youth and families.

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