2020-2022 Impact Report

We’reAll In

Charting a new path: Evolving as a

community-led organization

We’re<span>All In</span>


Dear Friends,

Thank you for going ALL IN with Martha’s Table to support strong children, strong families, and strong communities! We are so proud of the progress we have made by working in close partnership with supporters like you – our tireless volunteers, generous donors, thoughtful advisors, and closest neighbors. Together, we continue to take bold action towards a future in which every Washingtonian has the opportunity to thrive.

All of us at Martha’s Table deepened our commitment to community leadership over the past two years. We know that listening to those with lived experiences is the only way we can achieve our shared vision for the future. And so we have centered the voices of the neighbors we stand alongside in all that we do. Our neighbors have told us exactly what their communities want and need to remain strong for the long haul, including:

  • Doubling the amount of food we serve in our communities;
  • Pairing healthy food access with comprehensive physical and mental wellness programming;
  • Enrolling more young learners in our early education programs and launching child savings accounts to invest in their futures; and
  • Supporting families along their journeys to economic security with stabilizing resources, such as our Strong Families, Strong Futures direct cash assistance program and opportunities for career  advancement, including our new early childhood education career pathways program

There is so much heart and hope in the multi-year efforts reflected in the following stories. We are grateful for the community’s trust in Martha’s Table, as well as for the amazing team members and volunteers who show up every day for our neighbors and for each other. We are also grateful for the fearless leadership of my predecessor, Kim R. Ford, who courageously served Martha’s Table for the last three years. The bold action you will read about occurred in no small part because of her leadership.

Together, with your support, we will continue to fulfill the promises that we’ve made to our neighbors.

Yours in Service,

Tiffany Williams

President & CEO

By the Numbers/Your Impact from 2020-2022

0 %

children on track
in education areas


healthy meals provided to neighbors through our healthy markets and McKenna’s Wagon


neighbors supported with no-cost clothing


volunteers per year


financial supporters per year


families supported with direct cash assistance through THRIVE East of the River collaborative


A child’s neighborhood affects their access to resources that are essential for lifelong success. We invest deeply in our community, ensuring our neighbors have the education, health & wellness, family resources, and opportunities for economic mobility they need to thrive.


Quality Education

Expanding education programs to support children and youth from birth through adulthood

Martha’s Table will continue to provide children and young adults with high-quality learning opportunities that help them thrive from cradle to career.

Early Childhood
Education Programs

Child Savings

Experiential Learning &
Global Passport Program

Youth Mentors &
Resource Navigators

Our nationally accredited early childhood education centers prepare young children to thrive in preschool and beyond.

Additionally, we partner with peer organizations to support children and youth as they grow into adulthood.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra reads to our children at Martha’s Table at The Commons on June 30, 2021.

Investing in the future/of early learners

Martha’s Table will continue to provide children and young adults with high-quality learning opportunities that help them thrive from cradle to career.

In addition to expanding the number of children enrolled in our nationally accredited early childhood education program (ECE), Martha’s Table will also offer a financial investment in their future endeavors through establishing savings accounts for our ECE alumni. In the coming years, we are excited to offer new enrichment experiences and supports that promote lifelong learning and success for youth and young adults, including mentorship, resource navigators, and international travel opportunities.

Martha’s Table hosts 201 early learning seats, including both Center-Based and Non-Center Based at The Commons and The Maycroft.

Children enrolled in Martha’s Table’s ECE programs/are developmentally on track…
0 %

on track or exceeding in social-emotional skills

0 %

on track or exceeding in physical skills

0 %

on track or exceeding in literacy skills

on track or exceeding in math skills

Shaquell and Ahmir

In 2018, Shaquell made a trip to Martha’s Table that changed everything for her and her son.

Walking by our no-cost clothing store, a flyer in our window caught her eye. It had information about our early education program. “We were one of the first families enrolled in the education program at the new Martha’s Table headquarters [in Southeast D.C.],” Shaquell shared.

From the minute she walked through our doors in Southeast D.C. three years ago, she knew Martha’s Table was the best place for her son, Ahmir, to learn and grow.

Child Savings Accounts: Investing in the Future of Young Learners

Martha’s Table is committed to investing in strong children, strong families, and strong communities. In addition to nationally accredited educational programming, MT is investing financially in the future of young learners enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program. We know that a child’s first years are most critical, which is why every graduate of our Early Childhood Education programs will receive $1,000 into a DC College Savings Plan 529 account.


Health & Wellness

Pairing healthy food access with physical and mental wellness programming

We are expanding informal, social, emotional, and physical wellness offerings for our neighbors and establishing partnerships with providers and nonprofits to offer our neighbors access to low cost, high-quality mental health and emotional wellness services.

Informal Social, Emotional & Physical Health Activities

Emotional Wellness & 
Mental Health Supports

Food and nutrition have been at the heart of Martha’s Table since we opened our doors in 1980. Our daily Martha’s Table Markets, network of monthly Joyful Food Markets, and McKenna’s Wagon aim to increase access to healthy food and support children and their families in making healthful choices.

The Lobby Ladies: Together in Service

Martha’s Table Lobby Markets offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and dry goods Monday-Friday for neighbors at our Northwest and Southeast locations. Our lobby markets are entirely volunteer-run, from the bagging of produce to the friendly smile that greets guests at the door. Volunteers from all walks of life join together to help us deliver on our mission and stand alongside our neighbors every single day.

The Lobby Ladies are a beloved volunteer team at the Commons in Southeast D.C. Their commitment to Martha’s Table and their friendship are truly something special. Click the video below to watch the interview to learn who the Lobby Ladies are and why they serve!

McKenna’s Wagon Volunteer: The Time is Now…For a D.C. Free from Hunger

If you find yourself in downtown D.C. around 5:00 pm, chances are you may catch a glimpse of the big blue Martha’s Table van! That’s McKenna’s Wagon—our longest-running program, which brings hot meals, sandwiches, and healthy snacks to hundreds of neighbors, 365 nights a year!

Fueled by regular volunteer drivers, McKenna’s has become a source of nutrition, human connection, and hope during difficult times.

Ms. Kelsey Holden, who first started driving the wagon in 2015, shared how important it’s been for neighbors to know that they can count on Martha’s Table for a hot meal each night.

As a volunteer, she knows how important it is to serve fresh, nutritious evening meals, prepared with love by our very own chefs that day. “The quality that we can provide is great, and we know we’re serving healthy, high-quality food!”

“I like our guests to know that there are people consistently out here to be there for them. Every once in a while, when someone recognizes me… it’s equally rewarding!”

Emotional Wellness at Martha’s Table

Nutrition, physical health, and mental wellness are inextricably connected and precursors for long-term physical, social, and economic well-being.

In 2021, we began expanding the social, emotional, and physical wellness offerings for our neighbors and established partnerships with providers and nonprofits to offer access to low-barrier, high-quality mental health services. Each year, we are committed to connecting 400 residents of Southeast D.C. with culturally competent emotional wellness resources.

Between/July 2020 - June 2022


bags of groceries distributed


McKenna’s Wagon meals served


total meals provided to our neighbors


families benefited from healthy eating from our 47 Joyful Food Markets. Favorite JFM recipes include Zucchini Pizza Boats and Peach Salsa!


“The JFM helped me and my family continue with our healthy eating behaviors. I saw the impact on my grocery bill. I didn’t have to spend so much on my groceries for this month because I didn't have to buy more produce.” Joyful Food Markets guest and neighbor

Family Supports

Meeting pressing needs while supporting family leaders on their path to economic security

Our family supports are committed to ensuring every member of the family is connected to critical resources, so that children, parents, and caregivers can focus on thriving and accomplishing their goals.

Basic Needs

Family Engagement

Cash Assistance

Martha’s Outfitters Boutique

Adult and Career Skills

Martha’s Table is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the support and tools they need to thrive in their roles. Our Family Engagement umbrella of programming provides the critical link for families to thrive together.

Our programs help strengthen the home-school relationship for our children and connect caregivers to critical resources including health, wellness, direct cash assistance, clothing, and workforce readiness.

Ensuring Washingtonians can THRIVE

At Martha’s Table, we believe cash assistance is an efficient, impactful, and transformational way to support family stability during times of extreme vulnerability.

Our emergency cash assistance at the start of the pandemic led to the launch of the THRIVE East of the River partnership, one of the largest cash assistance pilots in the country. Comprised of four nonprofit organizations based in D.C.’s Ward 8—Martha’s Table, Building Bridges Across the River, Bread for the City, and the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, along with LISC DC and Urban Institute as the program evaluator—this multi-million dollar program has, to date, supported 497 families with $5,500 each over a five-month period. THRIVE families also had access to healthy groceries, household items, and assistance navigating public and private support programs.

Data from THRIVE demonstrate that positive outcomes for adult mental health and food security can be substantial, and additional cash can offer families a fast and flexible means of stabilizing their households. A majority of THRIVE families reported spending a large amount of their cash payments on housing.

0 %

of THRIVE families reported that before receiving cash payments, they were using personal savings to meet household needs, but only 50% reported doing so after receiving payments.

0 %

of THRIVE families reported that before receiving cash payments, they sometimes or often did not have enough to eat, but only 19% reported food insecurity after receiving payments.

0 %

of THRIVE families reported that before receiving cash payments, there had been a time a child in their household that did not receive needed health care or child care, but only 36% reported doing so after receiving payments.


“In the last year, I became a single father raising a child with disabilities. I found Martha’s Table through word of mouth, and I connected with Ms. Ra’Chelle at the THRIVE program. Things were sort of tight, and I was struggling financially. THRIVE put me back on a level playing field or a little ahead because dealing with a child with disabilities your time is not accessible…especially in my situation, because I'm a full-time caregiver, and it isn't that easy for me to find work…THRIVE allowed me to focus on parenting a little more because when you focus on bills, it’s hard for you to be in the best space emotionally and physically.” THRIVE program participant and neighbor

Mr. Morrison: THRIVE parent, District Dads member, advocate, father to son Hasir, age 5

“Ms. Ra’Chelle referred me to another program at Martha’s Table called District Dads. It’s been a positive experience so far; we’re getting in the process of forming a group meeting once a week. It’s for single fathers to have a space where you can just talk and express your concerns or what you want to add.

“Over the last year, I can say Hasir, my son, has progressed tremendously. Hasir loves listening to music. Once he hears a beat or rhythm, he’s going to start moving. He loves going outside for walks. At one point, there was a chance he might not ever walk or talk, and I think he exceeded expectations already. One of the things that excites me is that he’s optimistic. And he just showed me his resilience. Martha’s Table was a good connection because they heard the genuineness in my story. I felt as though Ms. Ra’Chelle tried her best to come through with any resources or outlets that she could. I couldn’t thank her enough. She’s really trying to extend her hand to make sure I get the best resources or help that I can get.”

-Mr. Morrison, THRIVE parent, District Dads member, advocate, father to son Hasir, age 5


Building Strong Financial Foundations, One Family at a Time:

“[Direct cash assistance] not only helped my family financially but also helped reduce my stress and allowed my family to go back to a mommy and children mode that was rooted in re-connection.” Angel Hawkins, Ward 8 resident and THRIVE recipient

Strong Families, Strong Futures

We are proud to continue our commitment to increasing access to essential family resources with the launch of Strong Families, Strong Futures DC, a direct cash assistance program supporting D.C. mothers. Supported by the D.C. Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, we are investing directly in families during the pivotal first year of their child’s life.


clothing items selected by guests at our Martha’s Outfitters
neighborhood boutique


shoppers at Martha’s


family visits through our Head Start Family Visiting Program per year


Parent Policy Council members actively leading family engagement policy


annual family engagement events


Supporting neighborhood leadership and community-led investments

We believe that our neighbors know best what their communities want and need to thrive. In 2020, over 1,000 neighbors shaped Martha’s Table’s 5-Year Strategic Plan. What we heard loud and clear from them is the need for direct investments to help grassroots organizations build capacity.

Community Impact Grants

Knowing that one’s neighborhood influences access to resources, we are doubling down on our investment in the communities we stand alongside. We are proud to launch the Community Impact Fund at The Greater Washington Community Foundation. Through this fund, we are supporting and strengthening grassroots organizations in Ward 8 that have been historically excluded from institutional philanthropy and whose leadership and staff reflect the demographic composition and lived experiences of the communities they serve.

Training and Technical Assistance Programs (TTAP)

TTAP equips community leaders within Ward 8 with the resources and knowledge needed to strengthen the organizations they run. Through TTAP, Martha’s Table provides training and technical assistance to early-stage non-profits (incorporated for less than 12 months), social enterprises, and initiatives that have not yet been incorporated.


“There’s a misconception that there are no organizations in this Ward — that we are lost sheep that need to be herded… Ward 8 residents know how to solve our own problems, we just don’t always get the resources we need.” Ward 8 Resident, August 2020 Agenda Setting Workshop


Advancing Early Education Collaborative:

A partnership between Martha’s Table, American University, LIFT-DC, Trinity Washington University, Venture Philanthropy Partners + Raise DC, and the Urban Institute. Funded by JPMorgan Chase, the collaborative supports Black and Latina women in the District of Columbia, ages 16+, who are seeking to enter into or advance in the early childhood education profession.


Community-led Programming Sewn into the Fabric of Our Community:

Every Thursday at the Commons, you can hear the light chatter and sound of sewing machines at work. At first glance, the gathering looks like a market of sorts with fabrics of all colors and sizes laid about on most of the surfaces in the room, surrounded by people examining the details of each while others are hard at work sewing pieces together. As you make your way in, members of the Quilt Corner greet you with a smile and fabric in hand.


volunteers are Ward 8 community members.


Apple Captains: Our most dedicated & community-driven volunteers.


Community Advisory Council Members who advise our Family Success Center ensuring families and the community are empowered.


Community Changemakers attending book club every week, a space where stories inspire and activate community members.

Our Supporters

Thank you for being such an important part of our Martha’s Table community. The support you provide ensures we can stand alongside strong children, strong families, and strong communities 365 days a year.


Through annual gifts of $10,000 and above, Apple Society members help ensure that thousands of children, families, and D.C. neighbors have increased access to quality education, health and wellness resources, and family and community supports.

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation
Anonymous (4)
Bainum Family Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
Colonel Harland Sanders Foundation, Inc.
David Gregory and Beth Wilkinson
David M. Rubenstein
Dweck Philanthropies
Elevance Health, Inc.
Giant Family Foundation
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Jefferies Group LLC
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Katherine and David Bradley
Leonard Egan
Lynne and Joe Horning
Mary Graham
Patty Stonesifer and Michael Kinsley
Philip L. Graham Fund
Sozosei Foundation
Stephen A. and Diana L. Goldberg
Terry Beaty and Anne Mehringer
The Ahlyah Fund
The Bezos Family Foundation
The Honorable Ann W. Brown
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
The Leon Lowenstein Foundation
Tori Winkler Thomas
United Way NCA
World Bank Community Connections Fund

Akintoye and Nzenalu Shoetan
Amazon.com Inc.
Anonymous (3)
Adena and Michael Friedman
Barbara Washburn and William Murphey
Benedict Silverman Foundation
Beverly Spyropoulos
Bruce Kuhlik and Robyn Lipton
Carol Brown Goldberg and Hank Goldberg
Carol R. Cutler
Carrie and Steven VanRoekel
Cathy Sulzberger and Joseph Perpich
Charina Endowment Fund
Chris Niemczewski and Elise Hoffmann
David and Carol Pensky
Diageo North America
Don Graham and Amanda Bennett
Edward Kaplan and Irene Kaplan
Ellis and Joy Carr
Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward
Herbalife Nutrition Foundation
Julie Banzhaf-Stone and Steven Stone
Marguerite Casey Foundation
Marshfield Associates
National Presbyterian Church
Robert and Joan Young
RSM US Foundation
Safeway Foundation
Select Equity Group, L.P.
The Andrew and Julie Klingenstein Family Fund
The Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation
The Lois and Richard England Family Foundation
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
The Low Income Investment Fund
The Ludwig Family Foundation
The Morningstar Foundation
The Richard E. & Nancy P. Marriott Foundation
The Venable Foundation
The Walter Brownley Trust

AGNC Investment Corp.
Akridge Invested
Alan and Marsha Paller
Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
Andy Klingenstein and Julie Klingenstein
Anonymous (6)
Bloomberg Industry Group
Bloomberg Philanthropies
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Carter & Melissa Cafritz Charitable Trust
CityBridge Foundation
Diana and Steve Goldberg
Elissa Leonard and Chairman Jerome Powell
Emily Spitzer and Eric Lewis
General Motors
Georgetown Jesuit Community
Irene and Edward H. Kaplan
Jack R. Anderson Foundation
Jackie and Mike Bezos
Jessie Harris and Woody Cunningham
John Beaty and Anne Mehringer
John Horowitz
Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation
Jules Maltz and Kelly Greenwood
Katherine Couric
Kathryn and Michael Hanley
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.
Kristin Ehrgood and Vadim Nikitine on behalf of Flamboyan Foundation
Kx Advisors
Laurie Wingate and Mark Chandler
Local Initiatives Support Corporation – LISC
Lucas Kaempfer Foundation
Lynn Courtney Foundation
Mayberg Foundation
Melanie Nussdorf
Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation
Mitchell-Richards Family Fund
Park Foundation
Passion City Church
Prince Charitable Trusts
Revada Foundation of the Logan Family
Robert I. Schattner Foundation
Roger Sant and Doris Matsui
S&R Evermay
Scott Brickman
Share Fund
Share Our Strength
Sherman Fairchild Foundation
Susan Devine Camilli Foundation
Ted and Lynn Leonsis
The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
The Charles I. and Mary Kaplan Fund
The Cora and John H. Davis Foundation
The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.
The John Akridge Company
The Levy Family Fund
The W. O’Neil Foundation
The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation
Truist Foundation
Universal Music Group
Walter Brownley Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee
William S. Abell Foundation

Ada L. and Albert M. Wibel Foundation
Alan and Amy Meltzer
Alexis G. Sant and Christine D. Sant
Alfred H. Moses
Alice Sturm
Allen & Overy LLP
American Gas Association
American University
Amerigroup Foundation
Amy Peck Abraham and Jesse Abraham
Andrea Grant and Selig Merber
Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan
Anonymous (12)
Anthony Pappas and Dale Pappas
Arlene and Bob Kogod
Association of American Medical Colleges
Bender Foundation
Benjamin Boley and Sue Boley
Bernard and Eugenia Bickerstaff
Bill Alexander and Terry Sykes
Bob and Patricia Schieffer
Burks Lapham
Carissa and Andrew Marino
Carl F. Schaefer
Carmen Caneda and Richard Gilfillan
Carol and David Pensky
Cathy and Scot McCulloch
Cathy Delcoco
Celia and Stephen Roady
Chairman Jerome Powell and Elissa Leonard
Christ Church Georgetown
Christopher McMackin, MD and David Svatos
Claiborne Deming
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Constance Christensen
Cummins-Levenstein Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Cynthia Adams
Dabney R. Holloway
Dana Milbank
David and Monica Dixon
Deloitte LLP
Diana Farrell and Scott Pearson
Diane and Tim Naughton
Diane Robertson
Donald B. Marron
Dumais Family Charitable Fund
ECMC Foundation
Edward MacAllister
Eli Bashevkin
Ellen Wormser
Erik and Aileen Hawkins
ERJ Fund
Erna and Michael Kerst
Erwin Gudelsky
Evan and Mary Beth Gearino
George Frederick Jewett Foundation East
George Wasserman Family Foundation
Georgetown Day School
Google Inc.
Grosvenor Americas
Henry and Joyce Harris
Holdenried Family Fund
Henry and Joyce Harris
Holdenried Family Fund
Hyundai Motor America
International Monetary Fund
Ivorybill Foundation, Inc.
Jack and Jill of America, Inc. – Washington, DC Chapter
Jacqueline Zins and Gerson Zweifach
James and Gretchen Rubin
James and Jennifer Bognet
Jamie Gorelick and Richard Waldhorn
Jane M. Holloway
Jason and Amy Ruggiero
Jeanne Rodriguez
Jessamyn S. Berniker
Jessica Lerner and Daniel Pink
Jessica Smith
Joan Nathan and the Gerson family
John and Dr. Krupa Playforth
John O’Brien Donor Fund
Jonathan Banks and Kristine Holland
Josh Izenberg and Erika Stillabower
Judy and Ken Bacon
Karen Donfried and Alan Untereiner
Karen Hibbitt
Katharine Weymouth
Katherine Christensen
Kathy and Joseph Mattos
Kelly Levenstein
Ken Kaufman
Kenneth and Patricia Lore
Kimberly and Nick Pomponi
Kristie Miller
Lainoff Family Foundation
Laura Graham O’Shaughnessy and Tim O’Shaughnessy
Lawrence Axelrod and Ruth Gottlieb
Leslie A. Carothers
Lilly and Eric Minkove
Lisa and Adam Palmer
Lisa and Porter Dawson
Louis Perwien and Pamela Katz
Lydia M. Russo
Lynne H. Church
Marc and Kimberly Goldwein
Marcus Brauchli and Maggie Farley
Mari-Anne Pisarri
Mark Colley and Deborah Harsch
Mary Beale
Mary Challinor and Henry Richardson
Mary Ellen Taylor
Mastercard Impact Fund
MAXIMUS Foundation
Mazie and Jonathan Witter
McKinsey & Company
Melissa Cantacuzene
Metropolitan A.M.E.
Michael and Lauren Sion
Michael D. Thompson
Michael Royer
Missy and Mike Young
Molly Levinson and Josh Wachs
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pappas
Mr. Hemmer
Nancy and Bill Weare
Nancy Miller
National Landing Federal Credit Union
Nemec Family Foundation
Nick Papas
Nussdorf Family Foundation
Oakpoint Charitable Foundation
Ohr Kodesh Congregation
Open Horizon
Patrice King Brickman
Patricia Moore & Arthur Cotton Moore FAIA charities
Paul Kolodzy and Martha S. Kolodzy
Peck Madigan Jones, Inc.
Penzance Management
Pepco, an Exelon Company
Peter Damon Group
Peter Scher and Kimberly Tilley
Peterson Wilmarth and Robertson (PWR)
Pew Charitable Trusts
Phil and Valerie Brown
Phillips 66
PNC Foundation
Ralph A. Pfeiffer and Jane C. Pfeiffer Foundation
Ratliff Charitable Foundation
RBC Wealth Management
Republic Properties Corporation and the Kramer Family
Richard and Josephine Schlagel
Robert and Josie Scholz
Robert Lehrman
Robert R. and Josie Scholz
Ronus Foundation
Ruth Sorenson
Sally B. Kaplan
Sandy Spring Bank
Scripps Howard Foundation
Sela and Art Collins
Selig S. Merber and Andrea Grant
Sherrill Houghton
Shirley Brownrigg Charitable Trust
Shy Glizzy
Spencer Bradley
Srikanth Ramachandran
Stacey Brandenburg and Derek Ludwin
Starbucks Foundation
Steven and Chani Laufer
Susan and Eric Rubel
Susan Hall Harrison
Tableau Software Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
The Aaron and Cecile Goldman Family Foundation
The Abe and Kathryn Selsky Foundation
The Accelerate the Future Fund
The Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
The Boeing Company
The Campbell Foundation
The Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Inc.
The Coldiron Family Foundation
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
The Gregory and Claire Wilcox Family Foundation
The Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
The Kellogg Company
The Morrison and Foerster Foundation
The Palm Fund
The Rapoport Family Foundation
The Salie Family Private Foundation
The Starbucks Foundation
Therese and Ivor Pritchard
UPS Foundation, Inc.
Urban One Community Works, Inc.
Washington Nationals Philanthropies
Wells Fargo DC
White Family Charitable Foundation
William and Karen King

100+ Hour/Volunteers

Adesoji Adewole
Tangi Allen
Oliver Anderson
Adriana Bagley
Andrea Bailey
Matthew Barksdale
Karen C. Bates
Ellanore L. Baxter
Anthony Beltran
Keith M. Bonner
Anthony Beltran
Danielle L. Boshart
Chanelle Bragg
Peter Brusoe
Karen Canada
Tracy Clements
Cristin Dadant
Jessica Dowd
Earnestine S. Gaines
Debbie Goldman
Maggie Gralton
Shyama Haniffa
Paul Hill
Kelsey Holden
Tolu Igun
Ms. Ingyin
Patricia Jamison
Eric Jeffay
Yulia Kovalenko
Peter Lazaravich
Abdelkrim Machmour
Mary McCain
Patrick McNerney
Christopher Meneses
Jamileh Naimi
Marian Newman
Cherie Nichols*
Olubunmi Ojo
Feyikemi Omidiji
Dawn Richardson
Marcie Rickun
Brent Sandmeyer
Cabel Soune
Corlis A. Stevenson
Joseph D. Strodel
Katherine Thuermer
Carrie Tipton
Krista Tuomi
Naeem Tyab
Joshua Welch
Alice Williams
Michael Wipranik

*Over 1,000 volunteer hours.

Business Community Supporters

Martha’s Table is grateful for the financial contributions, volunteers, and in-kind donations we receive from the Washington business community. The following companies and corporate foundations made meaningful commitments to supporting our work during 2020-2022:

9:30 Club
AGNC Investment Corp.
Allen & Overy LLP
American Gas Association
Anthem Foundation
Association of American Medical Colleges
Bank of America
Bernstein Management Corp.
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Bowery Farming
Call Your Mother Deli
Capital One
Captain Morgan Rum Co.
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Clyde’s Restaurant Group
The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers
D.C. United
DT Global
The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.
Ernst & Young
EY Black Professionals Network
EYP Inc.
Gate Gourmet
General Motors
Giant Food
Glassman Wealth Services
Graham Holdings Co.
Grosvenor Americas
The Halifax Group
Herbalife Nutrition Foundation
Hollingsworth LLP
Hyundai Motor America
Jefferies Financial Group, Inc.
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Juggernaut Management LLC
The Kellogg Co.
Knead Hospitality and Design
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.
Kx Advisors
Latham & Watkins LLP
LEON Restaurants Ltd.
Lidl US
Linden Property Group LLC
Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C.
The Mandy & David Team, LLC
Marshfield Associates, Inc.
Mastercard Impact Fund
Maximus Foundation
McKinsey & Co.
Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation
Morgan Stanley
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
National Landing Federal Credit Union
Nicholas Stefanelli Restaurant Group
Northlane Capital Partners
Peck Madigan Jones
Penzance Management LLC
Pepco, an Exelon Company
Peterson Wilmarth and Robertson LLP
Phillips 66
PNC Bank
PwC Charitable Foundation
RBC Wealth Management
Revel Transit, Inc.
RMS Investment Group
RSM US Foundation
Safeway Foundation
Sandy Spring Bank
Saval Foodservice
Scripps Howard Foundation
Select Equity Group, L.P.
Seventh Sense Consulting
Sozosei Foundation
Starbucks Foundation
Tableau Software Foundation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A.
TD Bank
Truist Foundation
Universal Music Group
UPS Foundation
Urban One Community Works, Inc.
Van Metre Companies Foundation
Venable Foundation
Verizon Communications
Washington Gas
Washington Nationals Philanthropies
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods Market

Business Advisory/Council

Martha’s Table thanks the members of our Business Advisory Council for volunteering their time, 
talents, and networks to advance the mission of Martha’s Table.

Jimmy Alexis EY
Ify Bozimo EnerSys
Bill Colbert EY
Anastasia Dellaccio Booz Allan Hamilton and Dolci Gelati
Lisa Fitzpatrick Bloomberg Tax & Accounting
Jelani Freeman Attorney
Marc Goldwein Committee for a Responsible Fed Budget
Bridget Harbison Amazon
Deriece Harrington PepsiCo
Matthew Kahn RCM&D
Aaron Keller Insignia Capital Group
Christopher Monroe The George Washington University
Meena Nankani J.P Morgan
Patrick Phillippi Amazon
Lauren Scott DC Workforce Investment Council
Shanique Streete U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Patrice Scott Williams FHI 360
Justin D. Wilson Cruise
Issac Wolf Select Equity Group

volunteer hours per year

$ 0

saved per year through volunteer support


financial supporters per year


Fiscal Year/2021

Health and Wellness
$ 6,033,985
$ 5,530,300
Parent Initiatives
$ 2,271,936
Community Engagement
$ 949,631
General Administration
$ 2,930,947
$ 1,557,437
Total Expenses
$ 19,274,236
$ 7,653,914
Federal and State Funds
$ 6,485,991
$ 1,462,306
$ 1,137,551
Investment Income
$ 1,113,323
Donated Clothing and Other Items
$ 940,329
Donated Food
$ 786,745
Combined Federal Campaign
$ 635,582
Civic and Religious Groups
$ 262,470
Miscellaneous Income
$ 86,649
Childcare Co-Pay
$ 13,982
Special Events, Net
$ 6,263
Martha's Outfitters
$ 5,980
Total Revenue
$ 20,591,085

Fiscal Year/2022

Health and Wellness
$ 7,436,383
$ 5,872,939
Parent Initiatives
$ 2,542,644
Community Engagement
$ 1,489,893
General Administration
$ 4,148,440
$ 1,784,625
Total Expenses
$ 23,274,924
$ 6,437,162
$ 5,978,426
Federal and State Funds
$ 5,475,188
$ 2,631,015
Investment Income
($ 1,092,251)
Donated Clothing and Other Items
$ 866,096
Donated Food
$ 771,442
Combined Federal Campaign
$ 528,539
Special Events, Net
$ 334,165
Civic and Religious Groups
$ 146,928
Childcare Co-Pay
$ 126,618
Miscellaneous Income
($ 64,751)
Martha's Outfitters
$ 6,480
Total Revenue
$ 22,145,057