Investing in the Future of Young Learners

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Investing in the Future of Young Learners

Martha’s Table is committed to investing in strong children, strong families, and strong communities. In addition to nationally accredited educational programming, MT is investing financially in the future of young learners enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program. We know that a child’s first years are most critical, which is why every child will receive $1,000 into a DC College Savings Plan 529 account for children enrolled in the Early Childhood Education programs. 

The DC College Savings Plan is a section 529 plan offered by the Government of the District of Columbia (DC). The DC College Savings Plan is designed to help individuals and families save for college in a tax-deductible way. The account will grow for 14 years or more via an investment option of the parent’s choice and be ready to access when their child(ren) transitions to higher education at an eligible educational institution. 

This month, we sat down with MT’s Deputy Chief of Programs, Economic Mobility, David Lloyd, and Family Engagement Specialist, Economic Mobility, Ra’Chelle Dennis, to learn more about this economic mobility initiative

MT: Thank you for joining us! Share more about yourself and what you enjoy most about your role at MT.

David: My name is David Lloyd. I serve as the Deputy Chief of Programs, Economic Mobility. Within my role I have the opportunity to lead the implementation of programs under the Economic Mobility – Career Pathways, Direct Community Investments and Entrepreneurship.

I enjoy the opportunity I have to make a positive impact in my community by developing a new line of work with an organization as reputable and landscape impacting as Martha’s Table. 

Ra’Chelle:  My name is Ra’Chelle Dennis. I serve as the Family Engagement Specialist, Economic Mobility. I currently serve my community with economic resources that help families to thrive and become resilient through obstacles they encounter daily. I most enjoy meeting new families in the community and helping them navigate themselves to their goals. The opportunity to show someone else that they are capable, resilient and able to succeed with resources is a great honor I take pride in alongside Martha’s Table’s vision and mission.

How did the idea for the MT Child Savings Account come about?

Ra’Chelle: It started from Martha’s Table’s interest to listen to the needs of the parents in the community and help assist their children with future success whether it be for college or future opportunities. Through research MT discovered that a child with cash assistance has a greater rate of success than one who does not have the cash to start their next level in adulthood, and decided to do something to help assist with that.

Why is this new initiative led by MT so important? 

David: This program is important because it represents another opportunity for MT to invest directly into the future of our neighbors. This investment is unique because it is intended to have a direct impact on the trajectory of the next generation. 

Ra’Chelle: It represents the integrity and willingness of Martha’s Table to invest in the families of our community and help the next generation from a family gain opportunities such as college education, employment or entrepreneurship that could have been unattainable. With the Child Savings Accounts it will be a tool to help guarantee another child will have hope and a positive outcome in the future.

Who is eligible for Child Savings Accounts and when does the program start? 

David: Families are eligible to receive a $1,000 investment into a newly established or existing DC College Savings Plan account after 1 years of enrollment in early childhood education programming at the Maycroft or the Commons. 

The program will launch in August, 2022. We will commence the program by serving families enrolled in the 2019 – 2020 and 2020 – 2021 school years.

How do you think this program will impact families? 

Ra’Chelle: I believe that the program will impact families by providing them with some financial support for the future of their children. This program will impact the outlooks of many families who may have felt a savings plan was unattainable and promote a more positive outcome of their children’s future.

Will Martha’s Table continue investments in youth and young adults in the future? 

David: Without a doubt! MT is committed to being a true and trusted neighbor. Being a true neighbor is represented in its most basic form by supporting the cultivation of an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. For MT showing dignity and respect shows up in many different forms, to include investments that the community says it needs and wants.  


For more info, visit the DC College Savings Plan website:https://www.dccollegesavings.com/.


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