Shaquell and Ahmir

Shaquell and Ahmir

In 2018, Shaquell made a trip to Martha’s Table that changed everything for her and her son. 

Walking by our no-cost clothing store, a flyer in our window caught her eye. It had information about our early education program. “We were one of the first families enrolled in the education program at the new Martha’s table headquarters,” Shaquell shared.

From the minute she walked through our doors in Southeast D.C. three years ago, she knew Martha’s Table was the best place for her son, Ahmir, to learn and grow.  

Just being there in the building, seeing the art on the walls—seeing black children represented in that art.” she exclaimed. “I loved knowing he was in a space where he’d see art like that!” 

“The teachers have been so accommodating. They understand Ahmir’s personality and his needs, and are always patient,” Shaquell reflected. “He has grown so much being at Martha’s Table—socially and educationally.”

In addition to learning with his teacher Ms. Michelle, Ahmir connected with a speech therapist. Our teachers also worked with Shaquell on ways to incorporate Ahmir’s speech therapy into his daily routines at home.


Although this fall represents new beginnings, Shaquell knows that the relationships she’s built with other caregivers, teachers, and team members at Martha’s Table are here to stay. 

A special time of support for Shaquell came as the pandemic hit D.C. With the generosity of our community members we were able to take bold action by providing direct cash assistance to each family with a child in our education program. 

Just when parents felt the pressure mounting, they also felt our support. “I didn’t have to worry about basic necessities, especially when so many others were worried,” Shaquell shared with relief. “I was able to give more attention to Ahmir, especially in terms of his education. I felt like the least I could do now is keep going, and keep pouring support into him.

After three years of learning and developing at Martha’s Table, Shaquell’s baby boy is grown up. With the support of Shaquell and our early education program, Ahmir is prepare for his next chapter… kindergarten!   

Because our community believes in the success of our children, we know they will soar!

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Graciela | Reply

I’m so happy for this mom and her son! It’s such a joy to see the news letter. I myself know this feeling all to well. MT will forever be in our hearts ❤️ Congratulations Ahmir 🎊

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