Why did you get involved with Martha’s Table originally, what made you want to volunteer and why here?

I got involved with Martha’s Table because I had to relocate back home from school due to financial problems. I was in such a bad state that I just needed to be doing something I loved. I love giving back and I have a passion to help those in need. I passed Martha’s Table on the bus one day and decided to look on the internet and volunteer there as soon as possible. The first time I went to volunteer I knew that I had found a family that I would never loose, I had found my place.

Is there a moment that stands out in your mind about your volunteer experience, with another volunteer or with our staff?

I have had so many memories and moments at Martha’s Table its hard to just pick one. However, if have to say my most memorable moment was the first day I came to volunteer.  It was a Tuesday and I had just gotten up from the orientation table.  I stood in the middle of the prep room feeling a little lost. One of the lead volunteers, Mrs.Marie approached me and said, “Go ahead and put on your hair net and help package these deserts”.  From that point on I knew I wanted to be a welcoming lead volunteer just like her. Marie showed me the ropes to every task possible. This allowed me, not only to complete things in ample time, it helped me be of more assistance and teach others how I was taught. Thanks a million Mrs. Marie, truly.