Parent Health and Nutrition Class


Health and Nutrition Classes: Lesson One

Parent Health and Nutrition Classes at Martha’s Table started on Friday, February 2nd 2012.  Classes are taught by a familiar face, Vera Oye’Yaa-Anna, a culinary storyteller and nutritional educator at the Center for Nutrition, Diet, and Health.  Aunty Oye teaches health and nutrition to the children in our programs as well.  These classes are geared toward teaching parents about healthy diet and how to cook well-balanced meals for themselves and their children.  There will be eight classes in total over the course of the next two months.  The first class was devoted to gathering information of each parent.  They specified what they like to eat and what new foods they would like to learn about.  Each parent was given a packet of recipes in both English and Spanish.  If the parent comes to at least six of the classes, then they will receive a “prize”, which is a bag full of cooking supplies such as a spatula, meat thermometer, apron, etc.  Auntie Oye, brought in a delicious healthy bean soup she had made for the parents to eat as they filled out the paperwork.  One parent, Dina Menjivar, when asked why she came to class, said, “I want to learn how to eat healthy and be able to cook at home for my kids.  I also want to change my habits.”  You can find out more information on Aunty Oye here.

For more information please contact Vera Oye’ Yaa-Anna at or call her at (202).274.7115.