Off to College


In February, we connected with Jamika and talked about her plans for the future.  Jamika, a student from our older youth program, has been with the program for a little under a year.  She is proudly continuing her studies as a biochemistry major at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She will begin her freshman semester in late August.  She applied to around twelve to fifteen schools and got accepted to most of them. It was difficult to narrow her list down. She focused on the city life, environment, and majors, but it ultimately came down to finances. She was worried about how much debt she would be in after college.

Martha’s Table introduced Jamika to scholarships to help pay for her tuition. She was granted both the Pearl and Ivy Educational scholarship and Eastern Star scholarship for $1000 each. She is also waiting for the response from the Alfred Street Baptist Church for $5000 renewable scholarship, which totals to $20,000 throughout her four years. She recently interviewed for it and feels confident.  She believes that Martha’s Table was a great factor in guiding her to the right direction.

Jamika explains, “Before I came to Martha’s Table I was unorganized. They created a foundation with me so I new where to start and what to do next. They basically helped me along the way to find out what I am interested in and what I want to do. And then they helped me create a list of schools that fit.”

Martha’s Table could not be anymore proud. Congratulations Jamika!