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It’s the season for essays, applications, college fairs in the Martha’s Table Teen Program (MTTP)!

In the past 2 weeks, several of MTTP’s graduating seniors hit the road in an effort to acquire more information about the colleges and universities they are interested in attending this coming fall. On Saturday, March 10th, MTTP seniors De’Jon Williams of Dunbar Senior High School and Kyree Rollins of Banneker Senior High School paired up to attend a college fair in Tarboro, NC. The fair was organized by D.C. council member Kwame Brown and was free to all students.  Upon their arrival to NC, students were greeted by over 20 colleges and universities from a variety of US cities and were able to participate in on-site admissions interviews.  They were even given application fee waivers for a number of colleges and universities.  Although Kyree and De’Jon are still contemplating where they will attend college, both students enjoyed their time at the fair and look forward to finalizing their decisions about what university or college they would like to attend in the fall. Wish them luck!

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