Teaching Old Tips to Young Cooks

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Teaching Old Tips to Young Cooks

Martha’s Table participated in the Makes-Me-Wanna-Shout Pie challenge this year. We were the beneficiary and site for the semi-finals on March 23. This was the first year that the competition was judging a round of pies.  Michon Boston, the creator of the challenge, accompanied Annalee Ash to Martha’s Table and share their cooking secrets with the our middle school aged kids. They set out cooking materials and ingredients for the children to have a hands-on experience. Each child got to mix batter and add ingredients.

Annalee Ash, the winner, baked a pie that was suggested to her by her close friend. The “ Old-Fashioned Vinegar Pie” is an American Farm classic made from ingredients that can be found at home. A version of the pie is available at our local Eatonville Restaurant for every one to enjoy.  “This is an old recipe from farm wives who needed a dessert that could be whipped up quickly, with ingredients that are always on hand, for unexpected company.  Traditionally, it also provided a delicious big-farm mid-day dinner finish for extra help working on a farm,” Ms. Ash explained.

Thank you to Annalee Ash and Michon Boston for sharing their cooking skills with Martha’s Table.

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