Hungry by: Jimmy Simmons

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Hungry by: Jimmy Simmons

Today is pantry day.  The last Thursday of every month about 200 people come to Martha’s Table to get needed non-perishables and perishable food items.

Here is a poem by our own Jimmy Simmons


If you are hungry and you need some grub,

Come to Martha’s Table every last Thursday of each month.

Because we give it up.

Not only food,

We show love too.

We give at least two hundred baskets on that day,

Everyone gets food that comes our way.

When it comes to hunger, Martha’s Table don’t play.

The people are cool and content while they wait in line

To get food at the proper time.

It’s people from different parts of the world,

When it comes to giving food Martha’s Table don’t care.

So if you are hungry and you don’t see a way out,

Come to Martha’s Table and get some food without a doubt.

If you have the proper vouchers on that next day,

You can also get clothes then go on your merry way,

There is nothing like giving,

It’s a big part of healing.

To see a smiling face.

Because they know they have food this day for their place.

I don’t know about you,

But to tell the truth,

It sure makes my day,

To be able to give what is gave back away.

So I say,

I don’t see nothing wrong

When it’s a whole lot of giving going on.

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