Healthy Schools Campaign

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Healthy Schools Campaign

Today Martha’s Table was full with a fury of activity. Students from a high school in Chicago won a cooking competition, to create the healthiest and most liked dish for over 40,000 student lunches around the country. These lunch will be served in cities like DC, New York and Chicago.

The students created and prepared the meal, with the help from White House Chef, Sam Kass. The “Healthy Schools Campaign” was presented to the press, government and school officials in DC today at Martha’s Table.

Martha’s Table was gracious enough to turn the Elementary program classrooms in to a press and dining room. Martha’s Table’s cooks, who cook meals for vulnerable populations 365 days a year, also helped prepared the meal today for all of the attendees.

Thank you to Martha’s Table lending their space and staff to help educate schools and children about the importance of healthy food.

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