Seeing More Of The World

Seeing More Of The World

The Global Passport trip was a trip I’ll never forget because I got the opportunity to meet new people and acquire fresh principles. I obtained a deeper understanding of black history and the contributions made by my people to the current world. I visited historical (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) HBCUs, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Coca-Cola Museum, just to name a few. It feels like yesterday Rachel, my mentor, was promoted to Youth Development Coordinator at Martha’s Table.

As an Urban Alliance intern at the organization, I was placed in the Volunteer Engagement department. But when she changed roles, Rachel graciously offered to let me assist her with future projects that she worked on. Naturally, I agreed and was eager to learn new skills. The Global Passport Program was the first project I worked on.  I was assigned to place the luggage order, allocate money for refreshments, create a pre-orientation activity, and take notes during meetings. I wanted to contribute to improving the experience of student travelers despite not expecting to go on the trip myself.

The day before the Global Passport application went public, Rachel asked if I would like to come along on the trip. So excited, I said ‘yes’ and started working on the application the day it was published and waited to see if I was accepted. Days leading up to the trip, I remember feeling a sense of fear that the students traveling with me would think of me as weird. This fear stayed with me until the day of the trip, thanks to my friend Nia, who also came on the trip. Her words of encouragement made me feel comfortable and more like myself. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and create new relationships.

Some of the most memorable events while on the trip for me were my visit to Morehouse College and going on the Ferris Wheel. At the Morehouse MLK Chapel, I got the chance to meet Dean Carter.  Mr. Carter talked to the group about the founding of Morehouse and Spelman University. We learned how students coming out of the two universities have impacted the educational and political systems in the United States. This particular time on the trip was a highlight for me since it seemed like I was speaking with a wise person.  He took the time out of his day to share his life’s journey with us and inspired us to pursue our passions in the future.

Another of my favorite parts of the trip was riding the Ferris wheel. I had the option to visit the capital wheel as a resident of DC, but I’ve never had the time.  All of that changed in Georgia.  I can still picture myself getting into the trolley and shifting around to gain equilibrium. I saw the magnificent sunset while the trolley made loops and took pictures from a great height.  The sweet and savory icee the group snacked on afterward was great and felt like a reward for being 600 feet or more up in the air.

If I had the chance to go on the Atlanta trip again, I would. I now feel ready to meet new people and experience new things.  I thank the Global Passport program for allowing me and 19 other students to travel. This program will have a beneficial impact on students who want to see more of the world and learn more about it.

About the Author:

Saba Collins is a recent graduate of McKinley Technology High School. She is a POSSE scholar attending Lewis & Clark College, where she will be double majoring in Computer Science & Mathematics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She is a goal-oriented person with many skill levels ranging from customer service, and IT, to hands-on mechanical repair. She is a challenge-driven individual who loves to learn new skills and support those around her.

About Global Passport:

The Global Passport Program is a new initiative at Martha’s Table to expand programming to older youth. This program is for high school-aged youth to travel both domestically and internationally to gain new experiences, perspectives, and culture. In April 2023, Martha’s Table took 20 youth to Atlanta, Georgia for a Civil Rights tour and took their second cohort of 20 students in June 2023. To learn more about the Global Passport Program, click here

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