Rising to the Challenge: MT’s Family Engagement Team Ensures Families are Supported During COVID-19

Rising to the Challenge: MT’s Family Engagement Team Ensures Families are Supported During COVID-19

Our classrooms have reopened, but we’re still offering virtual support! In addition to our full-day early education program, our team of expert Family Engagement Specialists works to support families while their children are at home. This team has gone above and beyond, using digital technologies to stay connected and engaged with caregivers. Continuing to support MT families right now is incredibly important. With this in mind, our family engagement team works incredibly hard to remain connected with parents.

“Families have had to figure out how to navigate meeting their basic needs amidst being ordered to stay home and public transportation schedules being condensed, being extremely concerned about going to the grocery store and exposing themselves and their children to the virus, losing multiple loved ones; some due to the virus.”
– Megan Turner, Parent & Family Initiatives Manager

Family Engagement has been working closely with our Martha’s Table families to ensure they have the support they need during this unprecedented time. We have been sending families diapers, wipes, and formula monthly to help supplement their own supplies.

– Cara Wilner, Family Visiting Specialist

The team frequently checks in on families and has continued to conduct weekly family visits through phone or video calls. During these check-ins, they provide families with developmentally appropriate activities for their children while carving out time to check on the parent or caregiver’s emotional and mental well-being. Maintaining connectivity with families is not a one-party process. Our families and parents have had to be increasingly flexible and we admire their tenacity when it comes to making sure their children remained engaged. They make it easy for us to maintain our relationship with their family.

“One of the moms I work with was interested in increasing tummy time for her 2-month-old. Thanks to video conferencing, I could model an activity for her to engage the baby in tummy time, and she could try it at the same time. It’s also wonderful when parents find activities on their own to do with their child, and are excited to show me during the visit!”, says Wilner.

We thank our team members and families for remaining committed to supporting strong children, strong families, and strong communities!

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