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Starting in August of 2011, Martha’s Table partnered with Target to provide groceries to the students of two elementary schools (Garrison and Amidon-Bowen) in Washington, DC one day a month, throughout the school year. In the fall of 2013, we expand, we are now providing groceries to eight schools in DC and Maryland; Garrison and Powell Elementary in the NW, Browne Education Campus, Smothers Elementary, and John Burroughs Education Campus in the NE, Amidon-Bowen in the SW, Hendley in the SE and Thomas Stone Elementary in Mount Rainier, MD.  Similar to the Markets we operate for the families here at Martha’s Table, we set up “healthy grocery markets” in the schools so that parents can select nutritious food for their families (at no cost to them, of course!)

During the school year, we are fortunate to have a surplus of sandwiches from donors from schools, church, business groups and individuals, which we distribute to those in need.  Martha’s Table is extremely thankful for the generosity of students, faculty, families and individuals on whose donations we rely. While we appreciate and are in need of sandwiches, during the academic year we will be tripling the amount of non-perishable food we distribute because of Martha’s Market, and consequently are in a greater need of non-perishable donations such as boxed and canned goods.  Each month we will distribute hundreds of pounds of groceries to the families at 11 Monthly Markets.  The items consist of a mix of non-perishable pantry staples, meats and fresh fruits and vegetables.

In order to keep up with this tremendous increase, we are asking different schools and groups to have “ingredient-specific” themed food drives (for example, pasta drives or cereal drives). Receiving donations focused on specific items allows us at Martha’s Table to receive, store, and distribute food items more efficiently.  Although we are extremely thankful for any donation, the exclusive drives will help us streamline the operation of distributing food to those in need, and helps make it possible to distribute more food to more families.  If you have any questions or would like to set up a specific food drive for your school please contact Tony Smith to discuss details at 202-328-6608 x 214 or tsmith@marthastable.org.

The menu will change monthly and you can find the items on our
School Pantry Wish List on amazon.com.

To volunteer at one of these monthly markets, please visit www.marthastable.volunteerhub.com.

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