Leadership Transition Update from Ellis Carr, Board Chair of Martha’s Table

Leadership Transition Update from Ellis Carr, Board Chair of Martha’s Table

As we embark on this search, Martha’s Table Board is dedicated to an open, inclusive, and transparent culture of understanding and growth. We want to begin by sharing the four pillars that are helping to guide our search process:

  • Stable interim leadership to ensure our neighbors’ needs continue to be met
  • Search committee representation that reflects diverse perspectives and skills
  • Community-focused search partner who understands the landscape of DC and Ward 8
  • Community involvement to shape our next CEO’s priorities

After a period of deep inflection and listening to different stakeholders about the skills and qualities of the next President and CEO, our search will launch this September. Our next leader will have the opportunity to build upon the vital work of Martha’s Table with a lasting and transformative impact on the lives of the local residents we serve.

Stable Interim Leadership
First and foremost, we are grateful to the entire Martha’s Table team for seamlessly guiding the important work of the organization over the past few months. Tiffany Williams, Chief Program Officer, is serving as our Interim CEO during this period of transition. We are pleased that the organization has maintained its important services, as well as delivered bold investments for children and their families, including direct cash assistance and children’s savings accounts.

Search Committee Representation
This summer, our Board of Directors appointed their fellow members Ken Bacon and Renata Claros to co-chair a Search Committee comprised of board members with additional community and staff voices. This esteemed group offers extensive community perspective, as well as professional experience in Martha’s Table’s key areas of focus, including early childhood education, workforce development, education, and community wellness.

Search Committee members include:

  • Ken Bacon, Vice Chair of Martha’s Table board and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Railfield Realty Partners
  • Renata Claros, board member and Consultant, Early Childhood Education Initiatives
  • Candice Hines, board member, Chair of Martha’s Table’s Parent Policy Council, and a registered nurse
  • James H. Moore, Jr. PhD, board member and Managing Director, KPMG
  • Lamont Mitchell, board member, community representative, and Board Chair, Anacostia Coordinating Council
  • Johanna Williams, Deputy Chief of Staff, Martha’s Table

Community-Focused Search Partner
Following a thoughtful and rigorous process led by our Search Committee, Martha’s Table has selected Good Insight, a Washington, DC-based executive search firm, as our search partner. Led by Carlyn Madden, the Good Insight team’s deep experience placing diverse candidates at local nonprofits reflects our committee’s high priority on firms with expertise in diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process. The firm has been engaging with our staff, board, and external stakeholders to shape priorities for our next CEO and develop a job announcement for circulation this fall.

Involvement from the Community
Under the direction of the Search Committee and staff, Good Insight has sought input from a variety of community members and stakeholders. This input has shaped the priorities for our next CEO, outling the ways they can advance the commitments to the community we made in our strategic plan. The Board of Directors is clear that the next CEO will continue to champion our neighbors’ voices and put the needs of our community first. We need the community’s help circulating our job announcement this fall. Referrals and nominations may be sent to Good Insight directly at MarthasTable@good-insight.org. All interest will be held in strict confidence.

Over these past few months, the Martha’s Table team has made great strides promoting strong children, strong families, and strong communities and we are looking forward to continuing that work with our next President and CEO. We thank you for your continued support of our efforts to serve our community.


Ellis Carr
Board Chair of Martha’s Table


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