“I love how we come together as one.”

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“I love how we come together as one.”

We are proud to have our neighbors work alongside us in volunteer roles. Phyllis Strachan is a Ward 8 resident who has stepped up, distributing groceries in her community with Martha’s Table since 2018. Earlier this year, Volunteer Engagement Manager Uneka King sat down with Phyllis to learn more about her volunteer experience.

Uneka: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Phyllis: My name is Phyllis Strachan. I am a mother of 4; I have 3 grandchildren, 1 step-grandchild. I’m 56 years old and a single mom, still surviving, thanks to Martha’s Table and their help to help provide us with things that they really need.

Uneka: How long have you been living in Ward 8?

Phyllis: I have been a resident of Ward 8 for 10 years.

Uneka: I noticed that you began volunteering with us in 2018; what first made you want to volunteer with Martha’s Table?

Phyllis: Oh, I just love the things that Martha’s Table does to give back to the neighborhood. I love the way that they don’t turn anyone down. And if there is anything humanly possible they can do for you, they make sure they do it.
Martha’s Table makes sure to provide for the neighborhood each and every day. And think that’s just wonderful because, without a program like Martha’s Table, I don’t know how a lot of us would survive.

So, I'm glad to assist in any way I can to help feed and provide for the people.


Martha’s Table makes you feel so comfortable. “C’mon in and get a bag of food, come tomorrow if you need to.” I love that.

Uneka: Thank you and it definitely aligns with the neighbor experience we strive for. What has motivated you to volunteer now in the current state of things with COVID? What has inspired you to volunteer despite all of the risks?

Phyllis: More people need help than before, it’s getting more and more, extreme for the community. Many people have lost their jobs, a lot of people have lost their way of feeding their family, their livelihood basically, because if you cannot feed your family or provide for your family and pay your bills. Without some kind of assistance or someone helping you in their time of need, I just don’t know where we would be. So, I’m glad to assist in any way I can to help feed and provide for the people.

Uneka: What is your favorite part about volunteering?

Phyllis: I love to give back to the community. I like the way that people communicate within this situation we’re in. I love how we come together as one and let people know that we are still here for them in this time of need.
That’s my favorite part and I just love the love and warm feeling you feel and not feeling embarrassed to get what you need. Martha’s Table makes you feel so comfortable. “C’mon in and get a bag of food, come tomorrow if you need to.” I love that. That’s inspirational. That makes you feel like ‘I need help, I’m not embarrassed to go get it. I’m going to Martha’s Table. They are not going to make me feel ashamed’ You make people feel welcome and I love to be a part of that.

Uneka: What would you say to someone who is uncertain about volunteering right now?

Phyllis: I would say…if we don’t do it, who will?

Uneka: I feel that. If we don’t do it, who will?

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