Celebrating International Week at the Maycroft

Celebrating International Week at the Maycroft

What a special celebration at the Maycroft! 

From July 15th through July 22nd, International Week at The Maycroft was filled with countless sunny days as every student, from our sixteen-month-olds to our 3-year-olds, honored the cultural diversity of their peers.

Joy filled the halls as teachers and students celebrated a week of festivities called, “Passport Around the World.” The classrooms were decorated with different flags as each student received a handmade U.S. passport. Each day, they traveled from classroom to classroom, visiting Puerto Rico, India, Brazil, Miami, Cameroon, Trinidad and Tobago.

By exploring the globe, students were encouraged to appreciate, admire, and respect others for their differences.

Beatriz Barros, the director of the Maycroft, explained how young children need to know that differences make us strong.

“Although we may celebrate differently or eat different foods, there is one thing that is the same–and that is love.” 

As the week came to a close, families were invited on July 18th to partake in an “International Night” and showcase their countries, diversity, and culture to each other. Families wore their traditional clothing with pride, as they explored the food and music of the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Vietnam, Ethiopia and The District of Columbia in the United States.  

A mother named Shalita, wore a U.S. postal service hat. She was grinning as her son, Tylee, flipped plastic burgers, picking up a metro pass at the door of the D.C. classroom, she exclaimed happily,

This is why I like it here. This love. The teachers play with their students and they care about them. I mean, its so fun, I want to play!”

We are glad you felt welcomed Shalita. 

A huge thank you to staff, teachers, and families who celebrated our differences during the international celebration at the Maycroft!

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