Neighborhood Braves blizzards to help Martha’s Table stay open


Martha’s Table stayed open during the historic blizzards that shut the city down last week due to the committed efforts of many people. We are grateful to them all. Even when the storms were at their worst, people were coming to Martha’s Table in need and, each and every day, there were staff and volunteers here to welcome and serve them. In addition, on most days the food vans went out, the clothing room was open, and we distributed food, hot tea, sweaters, gloves, hats, warm socks, long johns, and blankets. We also provided hot tea to a city warming center. This all was being done while simultaneously clearing our sidewalk and alley of snow to ensure our clients could get to us and we could get our vans out to provide services. It is hard to say thank you to everyone who kept Martha’s Table going over the last 10 days, but I want to try.

One advantage of having people living in the community working and volunteering at Martha’s Table was demonstrated as staff like Roseinia, Martha, and Demetri and volunteers like Jimmy, Blue, Duan, Jamaal and Greg were here on the heaviest days of the storms. Other volunteers who helped us prepare and serve food and work in the clothing room when no one else could get in included Marie, Laura, James, Muriel, Robin, Sandra, Connie, Marnie, Mila and Ghazal. A lot of different van crews were cobbled together and they included Kris, John, James, Carol, and Bill, Larry and Keith from the Louie Clark Group. Additional staff onsite were Jimmy, Fred, Robert, Mr. Perez, Mr. Torres, Monet, Inge, Twanda, Kim, Desiree, and Inge. Snowed-in staff also helped us by coordinating things from afar, including Zarinah, Valerie and Ann. Some of the most impressive work surrounded our crew of snow shovelers. This included several youth from the neighborhood, like Duan, Jamaal and James, a new neighbor Greg, an old neighbor, Jerome, and Americorps and Citiyear volunteers who responded to the request we posted on Facebook. We are especially grateful for the response we received almost a year ago to a request on our wishlist.

Last Spring, for the first time in our 30 years, Martha’s Table received a snow blower as a donation. The timing of that gift could not have been better.

I am truly in awe of the dedication to service displayed by our volunteers and staff. Great job everyone, and thank you very much.

Lindsey Buss, President & CEO of Martha’s Table