Meet Leon: Martha’s Table Market Volunteer

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Meet Leon: Martha’s Table Market Volunteer

Leon has been one of our most engaging new neighbor volunteers at The Commons, coming in nearly everyday for months and volunteering at our Martha’s Table Market.

We recently sat down with Leon to learn more about his experience.

How did you start volunteering?

My friend, Doc, began working here in November. He asked me to volunteer where he worked, and I said yes. I didn’t even know that MT moved to Southeast.

What made you want to continue to volunteer?

I liked how welcoming and nice everyone is at MT. I also just wanted to help my friend. I love the environment and vibes. Everyone is like family.

What are your plans after wrapping up volunteering at MT?

I leave for basic training in South Carolina.

Favorite MT moment?

Filming in the MTM to promote awareness about the program.