Become a Monthly ‘Apple Corps’ Supporter!

As an Apple Corps member, you make a difference all year round. Join 400+ of your neighbors in the Apple Corps to help provide consistent access to healthy food, quality education, and family resources when our community needs it most.

Your ALL IN support will have a deep impact:

  • distributing TWICE as much healthy food compared to before the pandemic
  • providing mental health supports to 400 neighbors annually
  • building on our early education program to support hundreds of children from cradle to career
  • establishing child savings accounts to invest in the future of children
  • providing direct cash assistance so families can stay financially stable
  • launching adult education and career support programs for families
  • and much more!

Together, We Bring Out the Apple BEST in D.C.

ALL IN from Cradle to Career

We are at our BEST when we come together to support children. Your monthly gift will help support our first-ever child savings accounts program to invest in the future of children like Ahmir in our early education program.

ALL IN with Healthy Food for Seniors

Mr. Valentine picks up healthy food at our market AND helps bring food to other neighbors. He is a shining example of how our community at Martha’s Table brings out the best in D.C.

ALL IN for Strong Fathers

Strong fathers, like Mr. Kibler, involved with our Fathers to the Front program help bring out the BEST in our D.C. community. “Being a father to two sons…it’s the best thing that ever happened to me…It has been a blessing to be part of Martha’s Table,” he shared.

ALL IN for Our Community

“I’m always struck by how folks we’re serving look out for one another…They really support first-time guests. That’s just so energizing!” —Ms. Kelsey Holden, McKenna’s Wagon Volunteer

ALL IN Celebrating Healthy Eating with Children

Together with partners like Mr. Ewing-Boyd, we bring out the BEST in D.C. as we celebrate the joy of healthy eating. Each month, we bring healthy food markets to 50 elementary schools throughout our community.

When you get involved, you help bring out the BEST in D.C. Start a monthly gift today to support neighbors all year round with critical healthy food, quality education, and family resources.