Two New Locations

The Commons

At Martha’s Table, we believe that every child – regardless of zip code – deserves the opportunity for their brightest future and a deeply engaged family and community committed to their success. We recognize that the neighborhood a child grows up in is a critical determinant of their future outcomes and that a complex web of social, governmental, physical, and economic factors impacts their success.

After years of planning and community engagement, we completed the transition in June 2018 to move our headquarters from 14th Street Northwest to the heart of Ward 8, on Elvans Road Southeast, in order to be deeply embedded in the community where we can have the greatest impact. Here, we are redoubling our effort to ensure every child in the community is set up for success with expanded access to quality education, nutrition, and family resources. The Commons at Stanton Square (The Commons) was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Horning Family Fund, Horning Brothers, Community of Hope, and Martha’s Table. The Commons serves as our new headquarters and hub for programs in the Fort Stanton/Hillsdale area of D.C.’s Ward 8.

Visit our headquarters at The Commons: 2375 Elvans Rd. SE Washington, DC 20020

The Maycroft

In March 2019, our 14th Street programs moved to a satellite location in D.C.’s Ward 1. In partnership with Jubilee Housing, we will offer additional early childhood education programs and food supports at the historic Maycroft building in Columbia Heights.

Meet Us at The Maycroft: 1474 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20009

An Extension of Our History

This expansion is an extension of our history. We have always gone where the need is greatest. When we opened our doors in 1980 at the corner of 14th and W streets, we were stationed at the epicenter of great need in the city. Nearly four decades later, the 14th Street Corridor and the surrounding area have changed dramatically. Yet, many neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River have not benefited proportionately from the economic prosperity enjoyed across the city. Moving our headquarters to the Fort Stanton/Hillsdale area in Ward 8 will allow us to stand directly with children and families in a neighborhood that has been under-resourced for generations, while also maintaining our commitment to families in Ward 1, an area we have called home for nearly 40 years.

A Collective Impact

In keeping with our dedication to a collective impact model, both of our new centers will be co-located with highly effective nonprofits with expertise in critical issues which our families face. In Ward 8, we share our headquarters with Community of Hope, while in Ward 1 we will be located within a Jubilee Housing facility, expanding our ability to offer families access to a wide range of supports. In addition to these exciting new partnerships, we have also been collaborating with the Capital Area Food Bank since 2015 on our Joyful Food Markets, a network of no-cost markets that bring access to healthy food to families east of the Anacostia River.  Finally, we are working with Georgetown University, across all our programs, to improve our methodology, measure impact, and expand our reach.

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