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With lack of grocery stores, volunteers bring pop-up markets to DC areas

Most days of the week, Isha Lee is all business at the Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser, where she works in the Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism.

But Tuesdays are not one of those days.

On Tuesdays, Lee skips out of the office early, throws on a costume (usually a strawberry or sweet pea), and heads to Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School where she spends the afternoon dancing, sampling food and chatting with neighbors.

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10 Things Parents Can Do to Teach their Kids about Hunger (Hint: don’t talk about hunger)

The end of summer means saying good bye to lazy, carefree days, late sleepovers, and pool parties and replacing them instead with school supply shopping, homework planning, and a return to the monotony of “normal” life. Yet for at least 30 million American families who struggle just to feed their kids, the end of summer and start of school means something more. It means the end of “summer hunger” and the re-start of free breakfast and lunch every day.

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How One Small Charity Finds Success With a Focus on Metrics

Martha’s Table boosted fundraising by highlighting achievements using hard numbers. Data also helps with major decisions, like where to build its new headquarters.

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Exclusive: Martha’s Table has a buyer for its 14th Street NW headquarters

The non-profit has contracted with Madison Investments, which will likely build residential and retail.

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#OffScriptOn9: Winners and losers in Trump’s budget

The White House is out with it’s $4.1 trillion spending plan. The proposal seeks to balance the budget in 10 years and has almost $3.6 trillion in cuts to programs including Medicaid, food stamps and social security benefits.

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