Youthful Savings


Martha’s Table announced today that they are partnering with Youthful Savings and SugarTime, Inc.   Martha’s Table is a Washington, DC, non-profit organization that transforms lives by engaging the community in developing sustainable solutions to poverty.

This summer, Martha’s Table, Youthful Savings, and SugarTime, Inc celebrates youth financial literacy through job shadowing, community engagement, family budgeting, and personal development.  All of this culminating in a weeks’ worth of festivities, celebrity guests, and fun-filled activities for Martha’s Table youth.  Furthermore, founder of Youthful Savings, Somya Munjal, will teach an eight week course on financial management.  The curriculum was developed by National Financial Educators Council.  PNC Bank will also serve as a local partner.  Local bank employees will come in weekly to train the youth on early savings.

Together, Martha’s Table and our community partners remain committed to affirming the identity and building the core capacities of District youth.  “Martha’s Table Bridge Program is proud to partner with Youthful Savings and SugarTime, Inc.”, Says Ronald Allen, Manager of Martha’s Table Bridge Program.   “It is critical to build successful habits of savings, thrift, and budgeting into young people before they reach income-earning age.” 

The Martha’s Table Bridge Program runs educational and recreational activities for children ages 10 to 13. The program converts critical and creative expression, media literacy, and reasoning development into youth outcomes that affirm the identity and build the core academic capacities of District of Columbia adolescents. The Bridge Program champions community, service and adherence to core values as the primary motivators of complete physical development, long-term academic and professional success and personal happiness.

Established in 1980, Martha’s Table helps more than 1,100 people a day by addressing community needs and finding solutions to poverty in the short and long term.  We meet the core needs of clients through food and clothing programs and break the cycle of poverty with education and family support services.  For more information, please visit

SugarTime, Inc. was established by David Sugarman, one of the premier financial-industry innovators, in October 2010. SugarTime, Inc. is the parent company for SugarTime The Sports Agency LLC and SugarTime Sports Management LLC. Sugarman, who is both a NBPA and a FIBA Certified Player Agent, added agency services to the list of amenities provided to clients. SugarTime Sports Management Firm offers its clients assistance and guidance in financial planning, plus services to include: bill pay, branding, real estate services, relocation, transportation and more. All aspects of The Agency and The Firm support the long-term financial goals of its clients.

Youthful Savings is a boutique social enterprise that was founded by Somya Munjal in November 2012. Their mission is to help develop the human spirit–one educated, happy youth at a time. Youthful Savings is  committed to empowering the next generation with financial education and life skills training so that they can lead the life that they want and create a better world for all. 10% of every dollar earned is reinvested in the community through essential youth higher education scholarships. For more information, please visit

The National Financial Educators Council revolutionizes the financial literacy industry by delivering comprehensive campaigns to the global community. The NFEC is widely recognized for creating high-profile financial literacy initiatives that span all areas of personal finance. These campaigns are designed to improve community outcomes and raise awareness for the financial literacy movement. The NFEC mission is to create a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they influence around the globe.