How can whipped cream transform lives?


Once a month, Martha’s Table provides food to make 46,000 meals to families in four elementary schools around Washington DC and at Martha’s Table. Meals for Minds consists of set up “mobile grocery stores” where parents can select non-perishable products and fresh produce items for their families.

At one of our partner schools, Garrison Elementary, an amazing volunteer, Mrs. Alyssa Rubin, taught parents how to cook a healthy potato frittata and make homemade apple sauce with the ingredients available at the pantry.  She explained, “The products available are great, but some people need ideas on how to use them, so I want to teach families how to make something out of each product.”  All the parents were able to taste the nutritious food Mrs. Rubin cooked, and they also received healthy recipes to try at home.  While Mrs. Rubin was giving a cooking demonstration to the parents, Martha’s Table staff gave a cooking class to the children.  They learned how to make homemade whipped cream which is, according to the children, much better than the kind they buy at the grocery store.  Martin, who runs our Meals for Minds program, “We cannot only make it better, we need to make it healthier!”  During the cooking class, every opportunity was transformed into learning experience.  The children learned about measurements and realized that additional ingredients could alter the texture of their homemade whipped cream.  At the end of the cooking class, Samuel, one of the children, shouted “I made it! I made it by myself!”

It’s moments like these that we realize that our programs are so much more than our goal of nutrition education or distributing a certian amount of groceries. Empowering Samuel is the main purpose behind our actions.  Expanding the possibilities of what he may become is what drives us forward.  Yes, Samuel, you can do anything you want, and you can be anything you want to be!