Martha’s Table in the News


The Washington Post featured Martha’s Table in their discussion about how charities are affected by and coping with the consequences of the economic downturn. (rest of story behind link)

“A year after the global economy teetered on the verge of collapse, a recession — a lingering and unwelcome guest — has settled in at dinner tables across the land.

And while plates are empty at some homes, the lines grow long at organizations like Martha’s Table, a nonprofit in the District where a record number of people wait each day for a bit of something — food or clothing or educational programs — to see them through.

“It can be a swelling river with all the different tributaries feeding into it,” said Lindsey Buss, president and chief executive of Martha’s Table. “And the rain isn’t stopping.”

See the rest of the article here and be sure to check out the online photo gallery, Martha’s Table: Rising to the challenges presented by the recession.