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Together, We Are Taking Bold Action!

March 2020 – December 2020

  • Over 3 MILLION healthy meals to Washingtonians through our grocery distribution

  • $9,000 in direct cash assistance to EACH of the 137 families in our education program to prevent financial crisis

  • 36,120 warm meals and 240,000+ sandwiches distributed on McKenna’s Wagon to those experiencing hunger or housing insecurity

Nearly overnight, we expanded our grocery distribution by 400%—supporting as many as 2,200 neighbors in a single day.

It is a common misunderstanding that the healthy food we distribute is all donated to Martha’s Table.

Your donation helped us purchase food from the local food bank and other sources to ensure no neighbor goes without access to healthy food

We honor the dignity of every neighbor who turns to Martha’s Table and provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and shelf-stable items at no-cost; no questions asked.

Martha’s Table understands the unique needs of our Washington, D.C. community and established pop-up grocery distribution sites in areas with large populations of children and seasoned citizens.

“Martha’s Table is really stepping up. You have really been feeding us. Every time I go to my grandmother’s house, she says ‘I have been able to eat healthy meals because of Martha’s Table.’ She visits your pop-ups every week.”

—  One D.C. Neighbor

Photo from the Washington Post

Martha’s Table believes every child should have the opportunity to thrive. We provide nationally accredited early education from birth through four years of age and support parents with the resources they need as family leaders.

The economic collapse hit the families enrolled in our education program hard. Devastatingly, by April 2020, 9 in 10 of our families had been financially impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, and more than half were concerned about their ability to pay rent the next month.

Because neighbors like you have stepped up, we have been able to take bold action to support the 137 families with children in our education program. With the help of our community, Martha’s Table:

  • Distributed $9,000 to EACH of the families, relieving financial pressures that threaten our families.
  • Provides a steady supply of essential resources, including diapers, wipes, formula, and healthy food.
  • Supports the continued development of our children, guiding in-home learning.

“To receive a stipend from your child’s school—it’s huge. I’ve been down and what Martha’s Table is doing has lifted my spirits. I feel that someone cares.”

— Jalisa, Martha’s Table mother

Rain, snow, sleet, or global pandemic…McKenna’s Wagon rolls out every night of the year. We continue to support 200+ neighbors experiencing hunger or housing insecurity with the help of our tremendous volunteers. Each meal pack includes a warm, fresh meal, nutritious snacks, and a large water.

Our small-but-mighty McKenna’s Wagon team has stepped up to ensure we have our freshly-made meals each night.


“I’m a regular with McKenna’s Wagon. Where would I go to get food if not there? I’m glad Martha’s Table is here.”

— Leon, McKenna’s Wagon Guest