Taste of Spring Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsoring the Taste of Spring event on Saturday, May 3 ensures that we will have enough tastings for over 500 stuffling families.

There are 13 food tasting tables for the Taste of Spring event.  Each food table will provide a sample of a nutritious dish.  Guests of the event will then take home fresh ingredients from our Market that will help them prepare their favorite dish for their families at home.

To Sponsor:

 – Choose which level of sponsor you would to be

1.) Tasting Table Sponsor, $500: This will allow us to purchase and prepare enough tastings for over 500 families the day of the event.

2.) Market Family Sponsor, $20 per bag: This will allow us to ensure we have enough fresh ingredients to give away to the guests at the event. We expect to give away around 500+ grocery bags to 500 families. Note: you can sponsor more than one family by giving multiples of $20.

For more information on how to sponsor the event, please contact Kim Lyons at