Shopping for a Good Cause


On Saturday, March 26th, Martha’s Outfitters took part in the Hillyer Art Spaces’ first ever Swap Shop. Participants traded in their unwanted clothes for new ones.  This event was the first of its kind for Martha’s Outfitters, which is aiming to expand their store even more with extended hours (now open til 6pm). There was a buzz and excitement from those participating, as well as those working at the Swap Shop.  Monet Flowers, Assistant Director of Martha’s Outfitters and coordinator of our involvement with the Swap Shop, was thrilled with the success of the event. Not only did she constantly need to replace sold items with more merchandise, but the interest swappers and shoppers were able to learn more about Martha’s Table.

On top of the merchandise and proceeds gained through swapping and shopping, all of the left-over items at the end of the event were also donated to Martha’s Outfitters. The various clothes, shoes and accessories acquired through this event will be fantastic additions to the items being sold at the store and will help earn more proceeds for Martha’s Table. Overall, the Swap Shop was a fantastic event and Martha’s Outfitters hopes to participate in similar events in the future.