Why did you get involved originally, what made you want to volunteer and why Martha’s Table? 

Working at Martha’s Outfitters was a great opportunity to work directly with the public and those in need. I like working with them directly because I get to see people get excited about being able to afford the clothing they need to keep them warm.

Is there a moment that stands out in your mind about your volunteer experience, with another volunteer or with our staff?

Yes, there is one in particular. One woman who came in lived in a homeless shelter nearby. She was in the process of preparing for a job interview. We helped her pick out an outfit for her interview, and sent her on her way. A few weeks later, she came back in, not to buy something else, but to tell us that she had gotten the job! She was so thankful for what Martha’s Outfitters was able to provide.  My favorite part of the experience is watching people better their own lives, and we get to be a part of that by providing some of the tools they need.