Why did you get involved with Martha’s Table originally, what made you want to volunteer and why here?

Kathy got in involved with Martha’s Table first as a donor.  She collected and donated clothing for Martha’s Outfitters, our community thrift store.  The Director at Martha’s Outfitters at the time asked her to come by and volunteer.  Since then, she has been coming to help out in the store every Wednesday.  Kathy also volunteers at our holiday community dinners, with our emergency food pantry and has recently started participating at our off-site school pantry distributions.  Kathy says, “volunteering at Martha’s Table I get to meet great people and it has become a constant in my life.”

Is there a moment that stands out in your mind about your volunteer experience, with another volunteer or with our staff?

Kathy says that helping out with our food program during pantry day and at our school pantry really resonates with her,  “the human touch, talking to folks and the having direct contact with people has had a real effect on me.  Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and this is what it is all about.”  Recently, Kathy helped out at Garrison Elementary during our school pantry, “The ‘mom in me’ loved helping those kids – the pantry gives them ability to make choices and understand those choices.  It engages them and I loved helping them with that.”  During pantry Kathy helped kids choose 16 different types of fruits and vegetables that they wanted to take home.