MTCA End of the Year Showcase


Friday June 21st was the annual End of the Year Showcase for the students of Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy (MTCA). They had been working extremely hard to make this showcase successful and were eager to present their work. The event consisted of poetry, creating their own design firms, video projects, and a fashion showcase.

The night started with Ms. Selena Gonzales Jones, the manager of the program, welcoming family and friends that attended. She then introduced the brave poets that had worked tediously on their poems. Adam, Tariq, and Terrell all brought up issues of family, community, and the future. The poems allowed them to speak on a topic that was personal to each of them. The Envizion Fashion Showcase was a couple of collections the students had created. It was an opportunity for the students to let their imagination run wild.

The Showcase concluded with a presentation of MVP awards. The MTCA group did a great job this year!