Transforming the Shelves


In an effort to upscale Martha’s Outfitters merchandise, Kate Headline, a Martha’s Outfitters volunteer has been in search of high end clothing.  Michael Bartscherer (Director of Martha’s Outfitters) and Kate have been working with consignment shops, selling them Martha’s Outfitters most expensive designer clothing donations.  They have also begun to take clothing that did not sell in the consignment shops or that consignors did not take back, to sell at Martha’s Outfitters.  These are little gems for the store.

Kate has also been working with local independent stores such as; Full o’ Beans, Periwinkle, Catch Can, Beyda’s, Lad and Lassie and others.  These stores have started regularly contributing brand new clothing, giftwares, and chidren’s items to fill out the newly transformed shelves at Martha’s Outfitters.