Summer, The Remix


Every summer our older youth programs offers teens a chance to engage in their education and hone their analytical skills.  We are offering teens an apprenticeship by giving them a chance to see what kind of programs they could be a part of in the fall.

Rising 9th Graders:


  • Apprentices will learn how to be successful in their transition to high school and will begin to develop their college readiness strategy.
  • Apprentices will particpate in a high school transition curriculum created by Higher Acheivement.  
Morning Program:



  • Beat 2 the Rhyme – a workshop that combines creative writing and music to examine themself and their community.  Teens will create various works including poetry, monologues, verse and free-writing.
  • Comprehend Through the Lens – A workshop where they will combine photos, music, video, voice over and text to create a multi-layered digital story.
Afternoon Program:
  • Point of View – a workshop where teens will utilize elements in photography, graphics design and other artistic mediums to create a work that tells a story about their life.
  • Snapshots – a workshop where they will combine photography and journaling to capture their perspective on given topics. Using poetry. short story and letters they will enhance their writing skills.