This has been a public service announcement


Yesterday, the Martha’s Table Teen Program, put on a great viewing for our Children’s Program! For the past several months, The Martha’s Table Children’s program has been working on teaching  the students the importance of being people of good character, and decided on 6 core values – Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Respect, and Citizenship, that help build good character. The Teen program staff challenged the teens to participate in a PSA completion, where they had to create a 90-second PSA for the students in the Children’s Program that addressed at least 1 of the 6 values that help build good character.  The teens met the challenge with great enthusiasm, and after separating themselves into 2 teams; chose the values of Fairness and Trustworthiness to be the focus of their PSA’s.

The Teens PSA’s are “Sharing is Caring”, Written/Directed by Adam Hodge, Michael Ross, Mohammed Diop and Dionne Delaney and “Friends are Forever”, Written/Directed by Carla Contreras, Monique Brevard and Jonae Farmer .  They were well received by the Children’s Program, who could be heard cheering and clapping after viewing each video!  The Teens did a great job on the PSA’s and were happy to see their work put a smile on another child’s face. The Teen Program had an awesome time, and hopes to do more Programming and Activities with the Children’s & Bridge programs,  so please stay tuned!