Trail Blazing for Prom Promise [with Poem]


Banneker Academic High School seniors sat down in their school’s cafeteria for more than eggs and bacon for breakfast Wednesday morning.  The students, along with their prom dates and guardians, participated in the school’s Prom Promise Breakfast. The event is held each year just days before prom night to not only encourage students to be responsible, but to also hold their parents and guardians to a similar vow.

“Parents make the promise that, ‘I won’t give my child alcohol or supply it for anyone under 21, and I will provide a safe ride for my child home,’” said senior Yemi Olugbuyi. “Students say, ‘I won’t drink and drive, and I won’t have sex or do drugs and drink alcohol.’”

Martha’s Table Collegiate Academy’s program director Tim Jones attended as an invited speaker for the event. Tim and additional speakers informed the students and parents about statistics involving drugs and alcohol during prom season. Several creative presentations served as a means to inform the audience about safety on prom night.

“I did a spoken word piece. I was on the prom committee and helped design the whole thing,” said Olugbuyi. “I understand why they’re doing it, but it’s just like you’re adults now. Why would you get in a car when you’re clearly drunk?  Or why would you put yourself in a position you’ll regret the next morning or nine months later?”

Olugbuyi’s father attended as her guardian also taking the pledge alongside his daughter.

“He enjoyed it. He was laughing the whole time and thought it was very entertaining,” she said.

Not all schools have embraced an annual Prom Promise event but we are glad students like Olugbuyi and Banneker are blazing the trail.

Yemi’s Poem
Last Class
As we sat in the auditorium they said look to your left look to your right that person most likely will NOT graduate with you.
The accuracy of that procedure wasn’t too far from true.
Walking in 100+ then walking out with 3 more than 82
The mental impact it took on us individuals was great we shared a few damp tissues
But we got through it.
Three years of finals down sweat pants and tees made it seem as though we were uniformic
But that is how we do it
Walking in with sweats and Nike flip flops and walking out with a hundred percentage is how we do it
When everyone had their judgement about us and we proved them wrong is how we Do it
Now it is time for us to celebrate don’t screw it
We came too far for you just to give up
Drinking does not impair  your ability to drive
It impairs your visibility to the finish line
Think hard if you want prom night to last.
Drink hard if you want prom night to be your last
We are Seniors. We are almost out of here underclassmen can kiss our class good bye
Prom is a very classy event, take to many drinks you can kiss your class goodbye
Prom is a ceremony in to adult hood
We made it. We are this close to the finish line
Pressure makes diamonds shine
Peer pressure takes minors lives
And although cats have nine lives
If you’re not a careful how you kill it you may create another life.
As we sit in this cafeteria look to your left and take a  look to your right
And tell that person “I want to graduate with you and we will cross the finish line.”